Shooting Yourself In the D*ck With An AR-15: Comments on the MLB “Reopening”

At this point, political humor is dead. To quote Penny Arcade: “It’s like trying to make fun of a clown. What, are you going to make fun of his tiny car? His floppy shoes? It just doesn’t work.”   Similarly, we’ve run through all the stand-up specials, animated sitcoms, obscure British 90s

Your “The Devil You Know” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Shockingly, the owners approved the new playoff format. It's one extra wild-card game per conference. Using MATH, worked out that the move to 14 playoff teams means 43.7 percent of all NFL teams would qualify for the postseason, compared to 33.3 percent in MLB (33.3), 51.6 in

Your “Thank Gawd The National Nightmare Is Ovah!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL BRADY NOOZ!: It's the Bucs.    Two years at $30 million per season. The Chargers lost out because Brady apparently wanted to stay on the east coast for Gisele family reasons. The Onion, of course, has it all in perspective. Just after he goes, his center has left for

Meatless Monday, BC Dick Tuesday

I bring to you today a question about the social contract in hopes of making a case of my own and perhaps to glean some insight from some of yous who deign to read and consider my thoughts on the matter. This is not about the grand, all-encompassing social contract

Meatless Monday, BC Dick Tuesday

The season of NFL football is in the books. The games were good, the better teams won. The cheaters were not rewarded this time. The super bowl had me cleaning my dog hair-ridden hovel and making pulled pork for an expected group of 10-12, half of whom ended up not coming

Walk Unafraid: 2020 Hate Week Super Bowl Narrative Roundup and Open Thread

We’re rounding into the final straightaway before The Pepsi Hard Rock Casino Super Bowl LIV Presented by Odor-Eaters.  It’s a tight one this year (somewhere Kobe Bryant just sat up and started paying attention) as the Chefs are a consensus 1.5 point favorite over Santa Clara.  This is one of two sub-2-point

“C*ck Weasel” and Other Terms of Affection: Your Monday of Hate Week 2020 Open Thread

Brothers and sisters, I welcome you to DFO Hate Week 2020. Hate Week is our annual pre-Super Bowl spiritual enema, casting out the residual toxins of the Season That Was and preparing ourselves for the new and exciting toxins to come. Today, I present my List of Unpopular Opinions. Feel free to

Hate Week 2020 Retrospective: Revisiting My Disasterous 49ers Preview

Welcome, everyone- it's Hate Week 2020 at DFO!  It is my third-favorite time of the football year, trailing only Draftsmas Eve and P*triots Schadenfreude Day.  Hate Will See Us Through. And there are so many, many things I loathe with a great and abiding passion. The P*triots. Alt-Nazis. People who don't pronounce

Meatless Monday, BC Dick Tuesday

"Most of one's life is one prolonged effort to prevent oneself thinking" - Huxley This may well be the most accurate assessment of my life I have ever come across. It also sums up the divisional playoff game predictions I made last week. Sort of, I guess. I don't want to