Hockey and Hooch Thursday night open thread

Are you a toothless drunk named Gary? Do you like watching toothless ice football players? Do you like booze?  Have we* got a rushed, poorly researched, barely thought about, quarter assed post for you. Get well soon BeerGuyRob Here at DFO we quizzed the masses** and asked what drink would you

HOLY HELL MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF IS BACK… Your Thursday PGA Championship slash afternoon open thread

Hawkey is back, the NBA is back (I think?), based ball is sort-of back who knows, football... again, who knows. All of that stated, golf has been back for six weeks. Granted, there aren't any galleries, so, it's been a bit strange, but, I'll take what I can get at

Commentist Beer Barrel: Boots on the Ground – Burgeon Third Anniversary Invitational

This is a bit of a departure from your usual DFO Hate Week musings, as I wanted to bring you a brief interlude of something good. There are few things better than local independent craft beer, at least, in my mind, and the day before the Conference Championship series, I