At the intersection of Hope and Belief: Vikings at the bye.

image via. As recipients of the final NFL bye week, it's time to put the current season of the Minnesota Vikings into perspective. In all honesty 8-3 surpasses expectations eleven games in. Let's take some time to harken back to my team season preview. "This team can go anywhere from 6-10 to Superb Owl

Let’s Win ‘Em All By 2! Seahawks 2019 Bye Week Update

This year, as every year, began with the stilted bleatings of “experts” and “pundits” and their ilk trumpeting doomsday calls for the woeful and inadequate Seahawks draft, team, and season. Yet again our common dullards, simple waterheads, and stunted dunces were pitifully mistaken. Their childlike lack of foresight overshadowed only by

“When ‘All Y’all’ Are Better” – The 2019 Atlanta Falcons At Their Bye

Hi everyone, (checks to see if Dan Quinn has been fired yet.) It’s your old pal Beerguyrob, with a mid-season looksee into the progress the Atlanta Falcons are making this year. Woof! Well, there’s been some bumps along the way, and after failing to complete their comeback against the Seahawks the Falcons entered

Horatio Had A Long Week And Missed The Deadline So Here’s A Clip Show For Dallas

(Caption for picture above:  "The Jets!?  The fucking Jets!?") When I wrote the season preview, which I have shamelessly cut-and-pasted into this post, Zeke Elliott was holding out in Mexico.  I predicted, correctly that he'd be signed, rich, and playing by Week 1 and by God he was.  I also predicted

Ravens Bye Week

So we enter into the 8th week of the NFL season and the Ravens are...I'm not too sure of what we are. Lamar Jackson's an MVP! No, he's a running back! No, he needs to learn how to pass! Good Christ I'm fucking tired of how every second of every day