Waiting For Football: Your 2020 New England Patriots Season Preview

A football stadium. A goalpost. Evening. (SULLY, sitting on a sideline, is trying to take off his shoe. He pulls at it with both hands, panting. He gives up, exhausted, rests, tries again. As before. Enter TAWMMY.) SULLY: (Giving up again) Nothin’ tah be done. TAWMMY: (Advancing with short, stiff strides, legs

Brady Bunch in the Bay – The Buccaneers 2020 DFO Preview

Our 2019 Tampa Bay preview focused on the team's nickname and the crab-filching faltching felching stealing quarterback. Well, seasons change, people change, but Tampa Bay's quarterback remains shady. Just in case you missed the news (and the accompanying screeching and wailing from the Greater Boston area), Tom Brady decided to

Walk Unafraid: 2020 Hate Week Super Bowl Narrative Roundup and Open Thread

We’re rounding into the final straightaway before The Pepsi Hard Rock Casino Super Bowl LIV Presented by Odor-Eaters.  It’s a tight one this year (somewhere Kobe Bryant just sat up and started paying attention) as the Chefs are a consensus 1.5 point favorite over Santa Clara.  This is one of two sub-2-point

Your “Feed Me (Richard) Seymour!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Noise: It's mostly coaching news today: It was, according to PFT, "Love at first sight" between Jerry Jones & Mike McCarthy. BTW - worst Marvel pairing since Sue Storm & Matt Murdock. The Panthers are hiring Baylor's Matt Rhule as their new coach. It's a seven-year, $60 million deal, which

Deshaun of the Dead: Sunday Night Game Open Thread

So I've been on the road all day and have relatively little firsthand knowledge of what the shit went on this afternoon. A brief (aka halfass) recap after this important message: WOOOOOO! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ok. I'm good. I'm cool. So the Bills (WOOOO!) handed the Iggles a golden opportunity to pull even

CrimeBeat!: An Existential Quandre Edition

It's that time again- time to examine the biggest NFL felonies (real or metaphorical) of the last couple of days weeks (gimme a break, new fatherhood is a bitch). It's CrimeBeat! and you will listen to EVERY LAST WORD I SAY! ACCUSED: Corbyn Nyemah CHARGE: Attempted Home Invasion, Property Damage, Cuckoldry Who is

Your Yinzer Injury Report 2019

Oh, I’m told this the Bye Week update? Screw that, title still stands. THE BENS TEEM HAS LOTS OF OWIES IN ALL OVER BODYSPOT This team had serious question marks to start this season, and like 908% of the offense has gotten hurt since the opening kick-off to start the season. 2-4

Your “More Like ‘Sneakers At The Beer Garden'” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Banner photo by Daniel Berman/www.bermanphotos.com NFL Nuggets: First game of the season, and the first officiating error against the Saints. As most of you watched, prior to the half the refs pulled an accounting error in calculating when to do the 10-second runoff, forcing the Saints to hurry their field goal