Marble League Rolldown: Event 16, Closing Ceremonies, and Wrap-Up Thoughts

Welcome to the final Rolldown of Marble League 2020! At this point we know what's at stake. So let's get to it. Event 16: The Marathon Believe it or not, this is not an outdoor course! Call me surprised, as I was expecting the longest sand rally course yet, or road course,

Marble League Rolldown: Marble League Showdown

The rush continues! As mentioned in prior installments the marathon, the non-qualifying teams from the 2020 season compete in a B-league event called the Showdown. 12 teams compete for 8 spots in next year's Marble League Qualifiers, where they will be joined by all the non-auto qualifiers from this year's

Marble League Rolldown: Events 12 & 13

Five events remain in the quest for marble sports glory. Will a former champion reclaim the throne in the Marble League, whether the O'rangers or Midnight Wisps? Or will a new team emerge and have their time on top of the mountain, such the Minty Maniacs or the Crazy Cat's

Boots On The Ground: Actual Live Sports!

Ever since the Coronavirus unleashed its plan to colonize our bodies with weapons-grade cooties, the world had been denied the joys of attending live sporting events. Contrarianism, a lack of respect for expertise, and an absence of basic empathy have concocted a heady brew that continues to make attending sports

Marble League Rolldown: Events 10 & 11

It's a battle throughout the standings as we've crossed the midpoint. After this article, there will be 5 events left at Marble League 2020. Combine that with the return of Marbula E (Mercedes was running away after the first 3 races; sponsors Envision Virgin Racing were stuck in neutral) and

Marble League Rolldown: Events 8 & 9

We return to the Andromedome and to the Rolldown, as we get to the midpoint of the season's biggest competition that won't get stopped by the Miami goddamn Marlins. The last time we were here, records were falling left and right. The hurdles had the record continuously get lowered, and the

Marble League Rolldown: Events 6 & 7

We return to the Rolldown, described by someone on the Jelle's Marble Runs subreddit as "Comprehensive. To the max." This week another two events were on the schedule as we watched to see whether another team wanted to join the Minty Maniacs, O'rangers, and Crazy Cat's Eyes in the upper

Senor’s Marble League Rolldown: Event 3

Welcome back to the Rolldown. With two events complete, Balancing and Halfpipe, we move to the first individual event of the competition, the Funnel Endurance. The question is, will it follow form? And of following form, will a third different team take gold, or will the O'rangers or Minty Maniacs