Boots On The Ground: Actual Live Sports!

Ever since the Coronavirus unleashed its plan to colonize our bodies with weapons-grade cooties, the world had been denied the joys of attending live sporting events. Contrarianism, a lack of respect for expertise, and an absence of basic empathy have concocted a heady brew that continues to make attending sports

Boots On The Ground: Friday Night Smackdown

Despite my recent absence from the site, life goes on. And one of the things that was on my agenda despite all the horribleness was having tickets to the Valentine's Day taping of "Friday Night Smackdown". The date itself wasn't a problem for WineWife. She hates Valentine's Day, and any attempt

Boots On The Ground – Tundra Hunting At Lambeau Field

(This has been ready for a while, but I saved it for a slow #content day, because why step on others' good writing.) It’s no secret I enjoy attending sporting events. After all - I sell beer at baseball games. At least five times per year I drive down to Seattle

Boots On The Ground: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

(I realize this is terribly late, but I promised myself I would post this before I wrote about my recent trip.) As one of DFO's regular vagabonds, I write about some of my personal adventures. I like to think that it helps people think about planning their own vacations around what

Boots on the Ground! Hollywood Bowl for Vampire Weekend.

One of the ongoing features that we here at [DFO] will periodically share is our "Boots On The Ground"  series. When one of our gifted and talented and no doubt drunk writers journeys to places of note, we like to regale the readers here with photos, tales and remembrances of

What Kind of Circus Features Kickers? Your 2019 Chicago Bears Preview

Awesome Photoshop courtesy of Low Commander of the Super Soldiers   Ah, the NFL offseason, always filled with optimism, Dan Snyderschadenfraude, and this year, a veritable Who's That? of placekickers taking a ride on the Chicago Bears carousel. Do you remember how last season ended? I wonder if anyone in Chicago has? Let's take a

Boots On The Ground: A Christmas In New York

I went away on vacation this Christmas, and abandoned the site for a couple of weeks. In exchange for that kindness, I promised I would write up a post about said experience. I've been saving it for a day bereft of content. Save for Low Commander's excellent post on his

Commentist Beer Barrel: Boots On The Ground – Horus HOOTennany

It has been about 6 months since the last time I attended a Beer Festival of some kind. That's probably a good thing, since I really don't need to shouldn't put my body through that very often. Back in December, this Festival was brought to my attention, and based on the