Your Tuesday Temptation Island Talk Ep 2 Recap and Open Thread

As we discussed last week, I will be doing weekly recaps as in previous years. I do realize this is an Open Thread and we don't want to turn this into a novel, so I'll give you the vital information in a new condensed format for easy reading and

Subsequent GTD reflections

Welcome back to the comment of the week feature post ramblings. Hope you are staying warm and busy. How the fuck are we already in March.  This Thursday will mark a full year since I have gone into the office.  I've been remote since then. I'm very lucky to be

DFO Monday Morning Mock Draft: Chapter The Third

One of the biggest things I miss from our old site was the mock drafts that used to run every Friday.  Those were fantastic time wasters, and a good one was a virtual guarantee that you were going to be far from productive at work, as your day instead degenerated

It's back to work tomorrow, so I'm taking one last day to really enjoy myself. I have to say it's been pretty weird having been off work for three months during the school year. I'm saving most of it for a "rehab post", but suffice to say it's been pretty starnge

Your “What The Hell…” Saturday Evening Open Thread

I'm going to assume this happened because of the [DFO] Mock Draft, because this never comes up (heh) after Sexy Friday. Quite the user requests, from only the finest online "phramacies". Such inventive screen names too, with descending interest of values. The only thing that surprised me was that they didn't

Request Line: The Ultimate Tom Brady Mixtape

While most of us hate him with a burning white passion, it's hard to deny the magnitude of Tom "Marvolo" Brady's impact on the National Football League.  That's why we're going to scoop up some of the residual hate left over from 2020 and apply it to the construction of

Hue Jackson’s Hall of Fame Scammers: Barbara Erni

Welcome back to another exclusive sneak preview of the Hue Jackson School of Scam Artistry! Sometimes I get frustrated. Not coaching makes me frustrated. That means I'm not pulling a con, and thus not showing the world how clever I am. What further frustrates me is when the simplest, riskiest, and