Dead Sexy Friday: A tWBS Tribute

As you all know from Don T's Wednesday post, the man we all knew as tWBS passed away on Monday. FWIW, as he would write, it seems he passed away in his sleep without suffering. So, that's something. Many of us got to know him in real life and we're lucky

Your “He’d Want It This Way” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

There's nothing of note today in the NFL, so I'll save what there is for tomorrow. As you've learned earlier today in Don_T's excellent post, we lost a member of the [DFO] pantheon. It has been, to say the least, a very shocking revelation. To the point where I've tried to get

Wednesday Motivational: Thank You, TWBS

For real: The Wee Baby Seamus died on Monday (natural causes), and we found out yesterday through a relative. It’s heartbreaking. TWBS was one of the best friends anyone could have. We were lucky to know him. TWBS had outstanding qualities: bright, generous, more doer than talker--among many others (“A loyal

BC Dick Tuesday

Why do people like traveling? You spends hours in line to do nothing somewhere else? Crowd up with a pile of strangers in a big tube covered in body lice and old sweat for hours Is that a good time? I can’t think of any other reason Your wife wants to take pictures of it? It’s

Your MXC Monday Victoria Day Open Thread

Since this is Day 3 of the Canadian holiday weekend, and all the NFL news looks like a Very Special Episode of "Crimebeat!", I figured I'd just go with a summation of the middle-aged Canadian's long drinking weekend playlist. First, the classics that appeal to the elders that may have come