Hockey and Hooch Thursday night open thread

Are you a toothless drunk named Gary? Do you like watching toothless ice football players? Do you like booze?  Have we* got a rushed, poorly researched, barely thought about, quarter assed post for you. Get well soon BeerGuyRob Here at DFO we quizzed the masses** and asked what drink would you

Hue Jackson’s Hall of Fame Scammers: Edwin Rist

Hi everyone, Hue Jackson's back! Oh boy, have I ever got a good one for you this week. Just input your credit card number now to continue! Pay no attention to the popup ads appearing on your screen, or to the soft yet increasingly present sound of sirens off in the distance.

The D of S, Vol. II: Terrazzo VII

tWBS: Why am I nervous? Senor: Because as I said, this is the lust terrace upcoming, and you posted compilations of sexy pictures on the Internet for multiple years? tWBS: Hey, they weren't pornographic! Senor: Yeah, but society's a bunch of prudes. tWBS: And you did it too! Senor: Like twice? Probably a difference there,

Random Tuesday in January open thread

Hey all, I hope you're well or well as can be considering all the shit that going on ( pandemic, politics, vaccine roll out, whatever).  In my corner of the world, it was announced today that as of 12:01 AM Thursday that the province of Ontario is under "stay-at-home" orders.  Which

MOAR BLOOD TO OIL THE GEARS!: Your College Football Championship/Charcoal-Gray Monday II Open Thread

Huh.  Well that went a different direction than expected... I'm not surprised to be writing a followup Coaches Gettin' ShitCanned post this week.  In a historically weak NFC, the Bearistocrats! still needed the Super Bonus Charity Wild Card to qualify for the playoffs.  Listening to Chicago sports radio (having spent part

Sexy Friday, Wild Card Bitches! edition

Yes, it's THAT weekend! You can already see that 2021 will be a LOT better than 2020 because we have ourselves 6 (SIX!) Wild Card games this weekend! And there are some very tasty matchups, as you can see below: Saturday 10:00 AM Pacific - Team Nipple at Team DickSaturday 1:40 PM Pacific