[DFOnline] Red to the Dead to the Redemption 2

It has been some time since we've had a [DFOnline] post 'round these parts. Back in March, I was originally going to showcase a fantastic indie game by one of my favorite publishers, Subset Games, called Into the Breach. Originally launched on PC only, Into the Breach was recently ported to the

Your “I hope you’ve been good ’cause you’re getting a treat today” Open Thread

Oh kids.  OH KIDS!  We have a special treat for you.  Today is the day that our own Make It Snow live tweets as he plays Oregon Trail.  This is an annual tradition even more hallowed than the Masters with the benefit of no Jim Nantz and no formalized sexism/racism. Also,

DFO Poker Club Announcement

I mentioned this on the AFL Beat, but it bears repeating: DFO Poker Club We at DFO are constantly looking for ways to improve the commentist experience. The thing that built this site was the sense of comraderie that existed on the open threads at our former home. We wanted to keep

The Atlanta Falcons – If “Why?” Was A Football Team

Introduction: In the realm of football-related ventures, deciding to assess the value of the Atlanta Falcons prior to the 2016 didn't seem like a difficult task to take on. Sure, I have Seahawks season tickets, but DangeRuss & Co. are the domain of Beastmode Ate My Baby. I've been a

[DFOnline] Pokemon GO

Hello, and welcome to [DFOnline]. MikeWallaceandGromit is off tonight. I'm Senor Weaselo. The game currently sweeping the world, or at least everyone under the age of 30, is Pokemon Go, for your smart mobile device. The way it works is fairly simple. You go around your neck of the woods, phone