Your Thursday Night Looks-Like-We-Take-Beerguy-Rob-For-Granted Live Thread

Whoopsie-doodle. Looks like no one volunteered for tonight, so here's a quarter-assed fill-in right quick. I spent today driving wifey to work, various doctor's appointments, picking the wifey back up, filling new prescriptions, getting a much needed haircut, installing my parents' third printer since September (seriously, guys?!), picking up said scripts, and

Have Your Say: Results From Our Inaugural Commentist Survey!

After almost two weeks, we've got enough input in from all you all in our first Commentist Survey! Below are some super-magical interactive charts put together based on everyone's responses. Note: these are interactive pie charts! If you're reading this on a desktop browser, then you can hover your mouse

Superbowl #Content from Ben Blank, Uproxx Chief Creative Officer

I'm not here to talk about that thing that's happening over the weekend. I'm here to talk about #content and #branding! That's what we're really  interested in. People love #content, and they love #brands! Are you #upforwhatever? Here at Uproxx, we sure are! Whatever the cost, whatever it takes! Readers don't

Divisional Weekend Eve! Live Thread

Ah, the night before the NFL's second round. The night before NFL's Elite Eight is eventually dwindled to its Final Four. Hopes, dreams, and delusion reign, and for many, those will be crushed like an all-you-can eat gravy buffet in Indiana. Tonight, though, we shall have to entertain ourselves. There is