Your Tuesday Temptation Island Talk Ep 2 Recap and Open Thread

As we discussed last week, I will be doing weekly recaps as in previous years. I do realize this is an Open Thread and we don't want to turn this into a novel, so I'll give you the vital information in a new condensed format for easy reading and

Your Tuesday Temptation Island Talk Ep 1 Recap and Open Thread

So a REALLY funny thing happened last week! We found out by listening through the very thin walls of the DFO clubhouse that one of our DFO commentists (identity hidden to protect the perverted) had a professional appointment with one of the singles featured on the show! It was only

Your Tuesday Temptation Island Talk Open Thread

You can tell that 2021 is already a better year than 2020 because TEMPTATION ISLAND is back!!! Yes, it's true that we can have nice things even though we masturbate. Back again as host is the dreamy Mark L. Walberg. That blue shirt matches his eyes. Perfect. The first episode is

Instant Non-Hippo Thoughts – Post Superb Owl Edition


Ye Olde Hippo decided to boycott this year's game for one reason or another. Maybe he knew that Brady would win and he didn't want to be subjected to the never-ending dick-slobbering that would ensue. It's funny because I thought that RTD was the one that was trying to cut

The D of S, Vol II: Epilogue

Senor Weaselo stands at the edge of the Purgatory's peak, the edge of the Earthly Paradise. Yes, Glasgow Fog in hand. His duty complete, his charge handed over to the holy light of Beatrice, there is nothing left to do but watch the ascension. From afar of course. Getting caught

Less Than Elite : An AEW Open Thread by Joliet Jake Delhomme

Editor's Note: While this post may have my name,  it was wholly conceived,  fed through an umbilical cord,  and brought to life by our very own Joliet Jake Delhomme!  Consider me the surrogate mother that got paid with gently used fleshlights. Thank you very much for contributing to the site! If anyone