Less Than Elite : An AEW Open Thread by Joliet Jake Delhomme

Editor's Note: While this post may have my name,  it was wholly conceived,  fed through an umbilical cord,  and brought to life by our very own Joliet Jake Delhomme!  Consider me the surrogate mother that got paid with gently used fleshlights. Thank you very much for contributing to the site! If anyone

Your DOGGIE Westminster Show Open Thread

Nothing matters tonight other than watching cool doggies doing their thing and, hopefully, pooping on the carpet. All your details are here: https://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/ TV coverage is on Fox Sports. For all of you that don't know, Ryan Reynolds, my personal spirit guide, has decided to sponsor The Show through his gin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhoMJRuz0eA Now get to

Your “Senor’s To-Play List” Saturday Evening Open Thread

Evening lizard people. It's your friendly neighborhood Senor Weaselo getting to throw it back just a little to the "bands we like" genre of the usual Saturday Evening Post threads. Because fuck it, it's Saturday night, let's listen to some tunes! Well, except it's not bands we like. Or bands

DFO Hate Week Halftime Hate! The Superb Owl Halftime Show

Or as it's better known, Pepsi Presents The Superb Owl Halftime Show. https://www.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/345b1fd0-3f82-4972-ab59-630c9b233555 No but seriously, it actually is sponsored by Pepsi. Also Frinkiac wasn't playing nice with the length of the quote. Where to begin, where to begin! I guess we can start with the performers. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Now, I

Saturday Evening Post: Hate Week Concludes.

Banner Image Via ME Motherfuckers! Good evening everyone. That beautiful goddamn banner photo was taken by your humble narrator personally last November 30th for the very last concert EVER! from Slayer. Brother DJ Taj and I are both thrash metal maniacs and for me this was the 4th time I've seen

Dok Zymm – International Woman of Mystery – Chapter 1

Author's Note: This series of posts is borne out of my firm belief that Commentist Dok Zymm is actually a secret agent for a nefarious secret agency currently unknown to the general public or even Congress. Her current job serves as a perfect cover to gather intelligence while her

Balls on…The College Football Playoff

We just recently finished the semifinals and are eagerly awaiting the final and I don't think everyone is happy. This is where I usually come in. Let's just say the Balls-Signal went out. As usual, I will come in and either fix things or make them worse with everyone complaining about

Your “Mele Kalikimaka” Christmas Evening Open Thread

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyS26sqH1WM I wouldn't mind being in Hawaii right now, truth be told.  I wouldn't be freezing my ass off. But I'm not in Hawaii.  And I AM freezing my ass off. I just finished wrapping a bunch of crap for people who won't appreciate it.  I'm still fighting with a company which still