Sexy Friday, last Friday in July 2020 edition

I know that beerguyrob does an awesome job of getting information for you guys on what's on the TV that you can watch. I usually don't bother with that because: I'm lazyYeah, that's pretty much it. Given the fact that sports are now back in action, that doesn't seem

Sexy Friday, the real Mid-July 2020 edition

This week has been a real scorcher temperature-wise with hot temps all over the southern United States. Sexy Friday, as always, is bringing you more heat in the form of hot Tik Tok girls to keep you sweating through the weekend. More on that a little later. Now, what do we

Sexy Friday, last one in June 2020 edition

Do you guys read our author bios? They're at the bottom of each post and they're meant to tell you a little bit about the writers and how they get their inspiration. My favourite is Beastmode Ate My Baby's bio. It reads as follows: A frequent guest-star on the award-winning

Sexy Friday, Juneteenth Edition

Not too many people know what Juneteenth is. Considering what we've been going through in the last few weeks, that's both a sad reflection on contemporary society and an opportunity to learn. Beerguyrob does history much better than I can ever hope to, so I won't attempt at giving you

Sexy Friday, June is also a girl’s name edition

Enough has been said about protests and all that, so I won't discuss that subject. Most of the major European soccer leagues are returning soon. Sports are slowly and surely restarting, which is a good thing. *** Sprots News By this time next week, AFL will have already played the first games

Dead Sexy Friday: A tWBS Tribute

As you all know from Don T's Wednesday post, the man we all knew as tWBS passed away on Monday. FWIW, as he would write, it seems he passed away in his sleep without suffering. So, that's something. Many of us got to know him in real life and we're lucky