The Inaugural Marble League Rolldown!

That's right, we've got a new column while there aren't any human sports, which at this rate won't be for a while as Arizona, Florida, and the rest of the South goes through its coronavirus wave. Y'all laughed and scoffed when New York got hit (because the American strain is

Your Tuesday Evening “Deep Dive” Open Thread

NFL Noise: Practiced liar Tom Brady says he never had a "deteriorating relationship" with Josh McDaniels. And he posted what amounts to a ransom note on his Instagram page to make his point: The Beerguyrob Open Thread "Deep Dive" I'm going to admit that, some days, the topics I find on the

Love Not The Wronger

Sunday morning - a quiet suburban household before breakfast “Family meeting!” Each person in the house dreaded those words. No one likes talking about their feelings ever, unless there are cameras and a paycheque, and the situation is always worse when the person at the perceived centre of the tension refuses to

Your “Sequels Are Never As Good” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: What Florio is already calling "Spygate 2" (Electric Boogaloo) involves the Patriots "Not the football operation" film crew filming the Bengals sideline for eight solid minutes from the press box. Belichick claims no involvement in the affair: "I'm really focused on getting ready for the Bengals here." "We're

Your “Every Day Brings A Different Milestone” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: JERRAH doubled down on Wednesday, during an interview on NFL Network, ostensibly to promote the annual Red Kettle Campaign.  The money quote, which will be everywhere, was, "How about let's win some ballgames". Further adding, "I think all of us, including the fans, want to win a damn

BattleBots Beat: Ode to a Giant Robot

Welcome back to the Beat! This week should be the Beaties, a nice wrap-up (except for the bonus fights) and at least cromulent award post, even though there aren't any good fasteners left to have as awards. Nuts and bolts are from BattleBots, the Giant Screw was a joke award,

BattleBots Beat: Still Not a Sweet 16 (and also Your “Hoisting Giant Nuts” Championship Friday Evening Open Thread)

Welcome back to the Beat! Last time out, HyperShock was hoisted on its own petard, Son of Whyachi actually got revenge, and Cobalt had good enough DI to not get killed off the top by Minotaur's up smash, even if it still lost the fight. And then after press time

BattleBots Beat: The 25-Bot Bracket (…Kinda)

Hi everyone, welcome back to the Beat! Last week, Brazil beat the FC-named team, Bite Force went a ho-hum 4-0, and Hydra grabbed the torch from Bronco. This week, it's a special playoff thing, but it's not the top 16! The powers that be that is known as the BattleBots Tournament