Casino Coffee Shop. 11:00 AM.

image via [interior: a packed casino coffee shop. A man sits at a table for two] Man: "Dude! There you are!" [another man staggers up to the table and sits down heavily. He places both hands to his head] Dude: "Hey man. What's up?" Man: "DUDE! [laughing] You look like shit!" Dude: "You should feel it

AFL Beat 2020 Season Grand Final Recap

This week... We have our 2020 Premiers! Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! As I said when I woke up on Saturday morning and checked the score:  Well shit! Here is your recap: Richmond Tigers 81 v Geelong Cats 50 at The Gabba It was still close at the start of the fourth, but

Rejoice! A Full #NuAIDS Lesser Day Beckons

Because moneys speak louder than public health (and thank FUCK for that, amirite??), we finally have sommet like a full Saturday slate.  Praise be!  But don't forget about Premiership Banana Puddings time, first! The Mighty Blues of Everton are in first position (assuming Villa lost yesterday, which I will presume #HAILGAMBLOR),

AFL Beat 2020 Season Preliminary Finals Recap

  This week... We have the Grand Final Matchup!   Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Holy shit my team is in the Grand Final!!  WOOOOOOOO!!!!!  Here are your recaps:   Port Adelaide Power 40 v Richmond Tigers 46  at Adelaide Oval   As I predicted, it went down to the last two minutes:   Here are the full-game highlights:       Brisbane

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 6, #NuAIDS Season

Hey howdy, y'all.  Did you enjoy a fine Fall weekend, filled with FITBAW and as little movement as humanly possible?  Sorry for the humble brag. [Closed captions for the Hard-of-Hippo provided by the Church of the Immaculate Deception, Reverend E. Mayhem presiding.] I hope you didn't need any real details on the

Derby Days Reignited (and Other Lesser Matters)

God help me, but I think Everton actually goes into this Derby matchup with a puncher's chance (7:30, NBCSN).  The Redshite will no doubt be focused after their 7-2 thrashing away to Villa...but thhat veneer of invincibility has faded.  More importantly, Don Carlo has this bunch of Toffees believing in