Lesser Footy May Day – How Many tWBS’s Shall There Be?

Yes, those lovable, cuddly Krauts are in full swing on FS1 and assorted sister channels.  Dortmund/Wolfsburg and Borussia Unpronounceable/Aspirin FC highlight the 9:30 slate.  Bayern (the side you've heard of) gets Eintracht Frankfurt at 12:30, and should be ok viewing.  Except...the play has been choppy after the long, weird break. 

The Depths of Insanity Saturday

Oh, have you not been playing Football Manager 2020 with the intensity and the involuntary spasming of a prime crickhead?  PLEBIANS. I am as terrible at this as I am GAMBLOR.  PLEASE SEND OPIATES. Anyway, the Central European paradise that is unquestionably Belarus still rules our sportsball desert world.  You get a

All Belarus, All The Time Lesser Footy Open Thread

Dudes, it's all Belarus' world now, we just livin' in it. All of the various second and third world-ish football associations might be late to the cancellation party - but even Brasil state torneos and Ukraine have gone dark now.  The only thing remotely approaching first division footy?  The Belarus Premier