Derby Days Reignited (and Other Lesser Matters)

God help me, but I think Everton actually goes into this Derby matchup with a puncher's chance (7:30, NBCSN).  The Redshite will no doubt be focused after their 7-2 thrashing away to Villa...but thhat veneer of invincibility has faded.  More importantly, Don Carlo has this bunch of Toffees believing in

Curse Yeeeewwww, International Breaks (and White Male Privilege) Open Thread

I still stand by my decision to turn the teevee off Thursday night.  But, oh how I enjoyed some Friday morning schadenfreude.  Yeah, the "uber-smart" G.O.A.T. (Fucker)...forgot what down it was during the final, failed drive.  But what that funny little moment really did, to my mind? Illustrate the insidiousness of

Vital Contest Information! READ THIS NOW!

Have you ever wanted to own a gently-used Fleshlight? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a gently-used Fleshlight displayed prominently on your mantle above the kids' Christmas stockings knowing that YOU WON IT?!? Well, wonder no more! We have three exciting contests for you

Trolling FOAR Auction League Owners Open Thread

Hey it beats Trolling FOAR Cub Scouts ,, amirite?? Speak for yourself, Mister Man! - Marc T., Parts Unknown I am typing this up during the Europa final.  Tis a race between Antonio Conte and the GOOOOOLLLLLLLL! announcer, as to who strokes out first.  Let us hope that Sunday Funday's PSG/Bear Team

Shempions League Takes Charge

And then, as if to honoUr the late, great (in terms of hilarity) Herman Cain - there were NINE.  Oh fuck, TEN.  My brain is so beyond borken. Friday was the day everyone looked forward to, as For Realz Man City put Real Cuntfaces of Madrid to the sword.  2-1 away,

Looking at the Table – Sabado Lesser Thread

There's really fuckall to do until Most Glorious el beisbol Cardinals start around 2p (banner pic in honoUr, also since it pisses so many off that maybe we can has extra clubhouse participation??).  That's because all the Premiership fixtures are tomorrow morning.  So sad.  Everton's match is on CNBC, which

Looking Forward to Shempions Entropy (and Other Lesser Matters)

The Athletic recently published a long-form discussion of how any of the participants (ok, maybe not the ones who dug deep holes before the 2nd leg of a tie got played - ie, Chelski) could win the abbreviated, neutral-as-WICHITA Shempions format. It got me (and the Clubhouse's other Lesser enthusiasts) thinking

Your Thursday Lesser Footy Open thread: Get back to work!

Hello sports fans and work procrastinators! We have a Lesser Footy Double header today. Game 1A: Continental Europe Bowl (1PM EST) A YUGE match for both clubs. Leicester needs to keep pace with Chelski, who won yesterday. The Foxes have 1 win from 6 league outings and lost to Chelski in the FA

MOAR Lesser Footy Insanity

And huzzah FOAR that, what on earth would we do otherwise? We wake (and presumably bake) with Fronk's Hammers, toiling against the imploding/Hippo believes to be mathematically ded Trash Birds o' Norwich (7:30, NBCSN/Gold).  Bet they still get a draw, because that's just how Moyes' West Ham rolls.  Still, I got

27 June Lesser Madness Thread

Tis a strange schedule.  You get one Premiership fixture each day, at bizarre times.  Saturday has ONLY the early bird special, which features Euro-curious Wolves away to "just happy to be here" Villa (7:30, NBCSN).  I feel like a lunatic setting me alarms for this.  But I will.  Saints at