Your “Holy shit, the Dolphins still exist?” 2019 Preview

/Scene opens with Wakezilla laying in bed, his two hands behind his head and his eyes wide open. Underneath the sheets is another body that begins just below Wakezilla's waist, with a head bobbing up and down. The bobbing stops and the sheets are raised to reveal Mrs. Wakezilla, wearing

Hard Ride To Nowhere: The End

The scene: Outside of the DFO clubhouse. Ballsofsteelandfury is sitting there, next to a brand new red Prius. Otto's Brain comes rolling out of the Iguana Mart across the street and rolls up to Balls. Ballsofsteelandfury: Hey. Otto's Brain (irritated): That cashier is really getting on my nerves. He just stares at

Moosemas in Hell (Part Two)

The scene: The Secret Island of Doktor Zymm! Assorted DFOers, Olympian gods, ninjas and hangers-on are currently in the lab with the Dimensional Energy Retrieval Portal as Zymm programs new coordinates into the computer. Ballsofsteelandfury: were serious, Dok? Moose and the others are really in Hell? Doktor Zymm (punching keys):

Hard Ride To Nowhere (Chapter 100)

The scene: The parking lot of the Iguana Mart in the future. Like, waaaay in the future, man. There's currently a one-sided firefight going on, as an enraged blue-skinned sexually-ambiguous bartender is shooting at several DFOers with a Multi-Use Explosive Rocket Tracking-Enhanced system. The DFOers, for their part, are hiding