Hue Jackson’s Hall of Fame Scammers: William Chaloner

Welcome back to another exclusive sneak preview of the Hue Jackson School of Scam Artistry! As a scammer, appearances are everything. Substance is always, always secondary to style. If you look good out there, you're gonna feel good out there. And when you feel good - you're gonna make it bigtime.

Hue Jackson’s Hall of Fame Scammers: Edwin Rist

Hi everyone, Hue Jackson's back! Oh boy, have I ever got a good one for you this week. Just input your credit card number now to continue! Pay no attention to the popup ads appearing on your screen, or to the soft yet increasingly present sound of sirens off in the distance.

Hue Jackson’s Hall of Fame Scammers: Gregor MacGregor

Hi everyone, Hue Jackson here! You may remember me as the former head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Some people claim my 3-36-1 record with the team was a disaster - but if you consider it from my perspective, I considered it an unabashed success in making a fortune from the