Your Jets at the Bye Rant

The minimum word count's still broke, so let's do this: Let's put 5 minutes on the clock and see what I can type out. Ready? Go. The New York Jets are BAD. Forget winless bad, a lot of teams can do that. I'm talking great works of badness in history. I'm

Oh Yeah, It’s Time for a Jets Preview (or, Quarantine in the Underworld)

Scene: The underworld! Hades, the god of the Greek underworld, and Persephone, his wife and the goddess of both the underworld and vegetation, are at home watching the Marble League, because of course they are. Persephone is wearing a Raspberry Racers shirt, while Hades is wearing, out of all teams,

Your “IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! IT’S FINALLY HERE!” Superb Owl Open Thread

There's much talk of drinkling and fooding in the early thread so I know that everyone is doing it right proper today. The forty-five minutes I spent on the elliptical (god, I hate that motherfucker) won't even begin to justify the calories that I'll be absorbing through the day but

Way Too Many Words on the Jets at the Bye: A Jets at the Bye Post

Can I count those as way too many words? I mean I'll ramble to get to the minimum because this is me. Hmm, what to say considering I've watched about one half of Jets football. The Jets decided to take a page from the most successful team in New York, the

Another Jets Preview in the Underworld, 2019 Edition

Right, this. Uh, shit. I haven't been down in a while, being busy and all. Eh, let's start this and I imagine someone will call and yell at me. So! Another year, another Jets preview. Oh, another coach, this time replacing Todd "Not Sally" Bowles (I've wanted to use that for a

Instant Hippo Thoughts

"OW MY HEAD!" "UGH, MY STOMACH!" "YIKES,  MY BALLS!" These may be some of the thoughts going through Hippo's head today as he is under the weather and has requested assistance in fulfilling his weekly report to you fine folks. Now,  granted,  I do not speak hillbilly although I can understand it. Thus,  you