Commentist Beer Barrel – “tWBS Ruins It for Everybody” Edition

OK, I'm not gonna lie...I really had the best of intentions when I agreed to sit in for makeitsnow this week on the beer barrel. But dammit, I don't have a Lady Snow to keep me honest.  Thusly, I ended up staying up all night last night getting drunk (yes, for

Bottom of the Beer Barrel

As many of you know, I live in St. Louis.  Don’t feel for me, I may have lost the Rams, but I gained from having to root for them.  Anyhoo, the other thing that people associate with St. Louis is beer.  We are the home of Budweiser, even though it’s been

Commentist Beer Barrel: Treehouse Brewery, The Best Beer You Can’t Have

Greetings fellow drunks! Horatio Cornblower filling in for makeitsnow, who is no doubt scratching off calendar dates with increasingly shaky red x's as his self-imposed 30 day sabbatical from sweet, sweet alcohol winds down. (C'mon makeitsnow, do it for your old pals at DFO!) Today we'll be

Commentist Beer Barrel: Dogfish Did It

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Yesterday, I walked into a bar, sat down, and ordered a beer seasoned with chocolate, basil, and lobster. It's important to me that I record this event so that if either I or the American craft beer industry as a whole are ever charged with a serious crime, we will each

Commentist Beer Barrel: Viewers’ Choice Edition

Greetings, fellow drunkies! I was originally going to post the results from my Halloween Oktoberfest Tasting, but the notes from the evening are predictably jumbled and nonsensical. For example: BFT [Best Friend Tabitha]: Ayinger was smooth, like an old woman. So instead, I'm going to move in another direction: home brewing. Seeing

Kommenter Beer Table: America’s Ale

I think the first time I had a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, I was in Wrigleyville. That was, anyway, the first time I had more than one Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I wasn't new to good beer at the time; I was just back from a semester in Europe and keen

Kommenter Beer Barrel: Calling All Hops

I remember very clearly, seven years or so ago, a time when the cutting edge of IPA brewing methods seemed to involve cramming as many hop cones as you could into a boiler of wort. Later, breweries would become bored with merely filling the boilers to overflowing with hops, and started cramming the hop

Kommenter Beer Barrel: Beer Pumpkinization / Open Thread

This week, I discuss the annual influx of pumpkin beers, and when is early too early?  Away we go to the land of STRONG BEER TAEKS. #upforwhatever, except decent beer, I guess The summer is ending, kids across the nation are returning to school, football is returning (Woo hoo!), and, of course, pumpkin-flavored

Kommenter Beer Barrel: Great Divide Yeti

Since it is the middle of summer and everyone loves refreshing, lighter beers, let's discuss some motherfucking imperial stout.  Also, since it is a sloooooowwww news day, I am posting this early.  Away we go to the land of STRONG BEER TAEKS.   NAME: Yeti Imperial Stout SOURCE: Great Divide Brewing Company, Denver, Colorado (Just east

Kommenter Beer Barrel: Coffeebeernerdness

I don't really drink coffee. I'll have a cup if someone offers, but having been diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, I am by this point kind of over stimulants in general. My meds worked, but they killed my appetite and my creativity and frequently my sleep, and in