Your “‘Who Went Where?’ Ice Football Division” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Drew Brees' 20th season will make him the 20th player in NFL history to have hit that mark.   Of the other 19, five have been quarterbacks: Tom Brady Brett Favre Earl Morrall Vinny Testaverde George Blanda The Bucs announced today they will be debuting new uniforms in April.

Lesser Footy y Bringing Back #BFIB FOAR 2020 Open Thread

Yeah, that's right.  The most universally beloved sportsball franchise starts Grapefruit League play this afternoon.  Our hapless opponent is the Mets, at 1:05 EST (FSMW/  Some questions and answers: HIPPO - Which baseballist shall be touched by Most Glorious Devil Magic in 2020? OTHER HIPPO - So glad you asked, Other Hippo!  I am

Boots On The Ground: Friday Night Smackdown

Despite my recent absence from the site, life goes on. And one of the things that was on my agenda despite all the horribleness was having tickets to the Valentine's Day taping of "Friday Night Smackdown". The date itself wasn't a problem for WineWife. She hates Valentine's Day, and any attempt

Ides of February Open Evening Thread

I fell asleep and forgot I was supposed to put this up.  Oopsie. Remaining Sportsball: Turtles at Sparty (in progress - ESPN) ThePaul at Creigh-Creigh (7:30, FS1) Seton Hall at Providence (8:00, CBSSN) Wahoowa at U*NC (8:00, ESPN) Zags @ Ken Starr's Law Skool (10:00, ESPN) Colorado at Niiiiiice Beaver (10:00, FS1) You probably do nae care about

Your Oscar Live Post and Sunday Evening Open Thread

banner image by DJ TAJ Good evening everyone and welcome to the show. In past years we here at DFO have had extensive coverage (and amazing original artwork) of Oscar Season provided by our very own Make It Snow. This year due to several commitments he was unable to provide coverage. We will

February Bleakness Lesser Footy Open Thread

Yes, I binge watched all of the final Bojack episodes yesterday.  But, I'd be depressed about entering February anyway.  BLECH.  Without spoilers...fuck me, the penultimate episode should have been it.  Even my goddamned depression is disappointing. Let's watch some footy, shall we? Leicester and Chelsea kick things off (7:30, NBCSN), and I

“No Bullets Spent” Lesser Footy Morning

With world events what they have been this week, I find it particularly appropriate to feature Spoon: What a delightful band, with amazing longevity.  I hope they are Evertonians, but unlikely. Arsenal are away to Crystal Palace to kick things off (7:30, NBCSN).  Uncle Woy has at least temporarily taken Cenk Tosun

Saturday before Football futbol

Good morning early risers! This is basically a thread for Saturday morning before the playoffs where surprise the 500's are playing. Pretty excited to see El Tractorcito destroy the P*ts and make our Puerto Rican lawyer a very happy man! In futbol news it's FA Cup week in England, and La