Your “Something Approaching Normalcy” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Following Edmonton's lead, Washington will go by the nom de plume "Football Team" until they decide on a new name & logo.  And, starting tomorrow, they will begin the process of "retiring all Redskins branding from team properties," including FedEx Field and Redskins Park. They hope to

Your “Oh, So Now It’s Patriotic?!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Fun fact: he wanted the seal on the side to avoid being meme'd about blowjobs. NFL Nuggets: The turds are mad at the punch bowl: The NFL announced that all fans attending games this season will be required to wear "face coverings". That's if fans are allowed to attend in-person at

Your “Trying To Kill Opponents With Anger” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Michael Bennett has retired. It's a combination of the 11 years he's already played, the COVID issue, and the fact that he discovered he liked spending time with his family during the lockdown. He leaves with three Pro Bowls to his name and a Super Bowl title. But

“Ask Not For Whom The Hashtag Tolls” – What’s Going On In Pro Wrestling?

So Gratliff on Friday night made the following observation: Now, I had also been following this because I too enjoy the pro grapps; and Their hashtag - #SpeakingOut - was also being used by some groups for other causes, and a student was following it & let me know. So I thought

Your “Will The Song Remain The Same?” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Coaches can return to team facilities as of Friday, according to the league office. Coaches may return only if the team has "received necessary permission from state and local governments to reopen its facility," according to the league memo. Clubs may also increase the number of employees in

Your MXC Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Most of it today surrounds the reactions to what happened in Minneapolis, as well as the systemic racism inherent in most justice systems. (Before anyone goes off on me as a Canadian trying to sound superior, I remind you that I didn't say just the US system. Canada has

Your “Do What We Mean, Not What We Say” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Well, today was Rules Committee day, and let's see what passed:  4th & 15 - PASSED TABLED! Not sure what the hell happened here, but apparently there was the belief that it would be the slippery slope towards eliminating kickoffs altogether. Like how electing Obama would make

Shooting Yourself In the D*ck With An AR-15: Comments on the MLB “Reopening”

At this point, political humor is dead. To quote Penny Arcade: “It’s like trying to make fun of a clown. What, are you going to make fun of his tiny car? His floppy shoes? It just doesn’t work.”   Similarly, we’ve run through all the stand-up specials, animated sitcoms, obscure British 90s

Your MXC Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Tua has officially signed his rookie contract. The days are gone when guys like JaMarcus Russell would hold out for big money rookie deals & then show the Raiders they had made a terrible, terrible mistake. In fact, it was guys like Russell, Sam Bradford & Vince Young

Your “It’s Not A Swamp If I’m In Charge” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Showing absolute confidence in Le'Veon Bell, the Jets have signed Frank Gore to a one-year deal. This is all part of coach Adam Gase's plan for "load management" to "lighten the load" for Bell, who suffered last year because the Jets had an offensive line that forced Sam

Your MXC Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: The Panthers have made Christian McCaffrey the highest-paid running back in league history. He signed a four-year extension worth up to $64 million. Making his deal worth more than Zeke's $14.5 million per year. Former NFL QB Tarvaris Jackson has died in a car crash in Alabama. After