Tuesday nights open threads

What up all? As always, I hope you're as well as can be considering all the shit going on in the world these days.  I try to stay away from politics, but only one more sleep until there's a new president, so that's a plus, i think. I'm hoping it's

Sexy Friday, Divisional Round edition

This is the weekend that Cinderella stories go to die. Traditionally. We'll see if this weekend is any different. Here is the schedule (all times Eastern) Congratulations to Doktor Zymm for guessing last week's hidden theme of songs performed by Shawn and Gus on Psych! For those of you prudes

Random Tuesday in January open thread

Hey all, I hope you're well or well as can be considering all the shit that going on ( pandemic, politics, vaccine roll out, whatever).  In my corner of the world, it was announced today that as of 12:01 AM Thursday that the province of Ontario is under "stay-at-home" orders.  Which

Sexy Friday, Wild Card Bitches! edition

Yes, it's THAT weekend! You can already see that 2021 will be a LOT better than 2020 because we have ourselves 6 (SIX!) Wild Card games this weekend! And there are some very tasty matchups, as you can see below: Saturday 10:00 AM Pacific - Team Nipple at Team DickSaturday 1:40 PM Pacific

It’s only Tuesday open thread?

Hey all, hope you're well and sticking to whatever resolutions you made.  I plan to start to eat less crap and just less in general.  We also started a new budgeting thingy, so want to continue with that as well, with the hopes of someday retiring with moar than a

Eventual Balls Thoughts XLI

Welcome to the first Eventual Balls Thoughts of the New Year! As a reminder, this post will cover comments made up to and through the Saturday Night Open Thread. Sunday comments stand alone and Monday comments will go on the next week’s post. *** DFO Comments O' The Week! "Hooray placing 3rd, when only

Sexy Friday, New Year’s Day! edition

It's a new year and we have a chance to start fresh! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdLuk2Agamk Shut up, U2. I know. Anyhoo, let's make the best of it, shall we? You all have outdone yourselves this last week with the pics. A hearty well done and "Keep up the good work!" I continue to

Last Tuesday of 2020 open thread

Hey all, this is your "crap I've got to write the open thread for tonight and just remembered even thought I've been sitting around all day doing sweet fuck all" Tuesday night open thread.  Hope you are all well and that your sugar and gravy levels are returning to normal