Sexy Friday, It’s Almost Halloween! edition

I love all holidays as they are days I don't have to work. However, there are some holidays that I like more than others. It will not surprise you that, as a kid, my favourite holiday was Christmas. Obviously, that was due to the presents but I also enjoyed getting together

Sexy Friday, The Mighty 690 edition

As I was creating this post, I realized that this is the 690th post I have created for DFO and that reminded me of a once powerful and influential radio station in Southern California called The Mighty 690. The Mighty 690 was actually, as the number can attest, an AM station

Sexy Friday, 2nd Friday in October edition

We are back with our new format! I hope you like it. Please provide feedback in the comments. Another hearty well-done to SonOfSpam, who correctly guessed that last week's hidden theme for the music was songs with the sea in the lyrics. As for last night's game, it

The D of S, Cerchi Quattro e Cinque

Place: Just above the Fourth Circle of Hell Time: About five seconds after Balls and TWBS passed Plutus, God of Wealth and Shitty Circle Guard. TWBS: q? TWBS has seen what seems to be millions and billions of souls deep in the middle of a large circular valley. They are

The D of S, Cerchio Tre

Place: Just inside the Third Circle of Hell Time: About five minutes after BALLS carried TWBS out of the Second Circle of Hell. TWBS slowly regains consciousness after having fainted. TWBS: Whut, where am I? BALLS: You are in the Third Circle of Hell. TWBS: What happened? BALLS: Despite me