Your “Making Do With What’s Available” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The NHL reopening strategy has both MLB & the NFL contemplating how they will go forward. Baseball has pretty much planned out nothing to this point, but the "hub city" idea was their initial strategy for Florida & Arizona. Their latest strategy is to start on July 4,

Your “What Does A Male Cow Excrete?” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The internets are alive with football's 'finest' spreading it pretty thick today: Mike Florio today suggests the Seahawks will trade Russell Wilson after the 2021 season. Because the cap hit drops from $32 million to $13 million. And because his salary demands will top $40 million per season,

Your Tuesday Evening “Deep Dive” Open Thread

NFL Noise: Practiced liar Tom Brady says he never had a "deteriorating relationship" with Josh McDaniels. And he posted what amounts to a ransom note on his Instagram page to make his point: The Beerguyrob Open Thread "Deep Dive" I'm going to admit that, some days, the topics I find on the

Your MXC Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Tua has officially signed his rookie contract. The days are gone when guys like JaMarcus Russell would hold out for big money rookie deals & then show the Raiders they had made a terrible, terrible mistake. In fact, it was guys like Russell, Sam Bradford & Vince Young

Your “Hurry Up…” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: It's a pretty quiet day ahead of the schedule release. Did we all enjoy the Earl Thomas revelations last night? As a Seahawks fan , I sure did.  Here's what we know for sure: It happened April 13 but came to light yesterday as Earl Thomas went on Instagram

Your “It Must Be High School, Because Not Everyone Gets Picked” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Noise: Jadeveon Clowney has come to the realization that he has set his price too high. He has announced, via Houston radio interview, that he'd go back to the Seahawks, if they are willing to sign him. "I did like it up there. I love Russ (Russell Wilson). I