It’s only Tuesday open thread?

Hey all, hope you're well and sticking to whatever resolutions you made.  I plan to start to eat less crap and just less in general.  We also started a new budgeting thingy, so want to continue with that as well, with the hopes of someday retiring with moar than a

Another Tuesday Night opens thread

Are you ready for some football Christmas?  It's only 10 days away now. I was at the mall last week to try to finish some of my shopping.  That's the first time since I was in a mall since March.  Had to answer a bunch of questions on the way

Your “Later Gators!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: I'm just going to let the headline do the talking: Mike McCarthy channels inner Gallagher, smashes watermelons before Cowboys' win over Vikings Apparently, to make his point in front of very large African-American gentlemen, Mike McCarthy made his point to the team by having coaches roll watermelons in

Your “The Skies of November Turned Gloomy” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Ben Roethlisberger is among four Steelers added to reserve/COVID-19 list, joining already quarantined teammate Vance McDonald. They all will be isolated for five days. Each will have to pass COVID-19 tests throughout the week if they want to be able to play in Sunday's game against Cincinnati. When

Your “Eve Of The Apocalypse” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Well, there's finally proof that COVID can cross over to the animal kingdom, as Broncos GM & noted equine hybrid John Elway has tested positive for the disease. Contact tracing appears to show the exposure came...from outside the building! Since the team facility is closed for election day,

The D of S, Cerchio Otto

Place: At the top of the bloody waterfall and that's not a British adjective it's literally a waterfall created out of a river of blood. Time: About ten seconds after TWBS peeked over the waterfall and saw a nasty creature swimming up towards him and Balls. TWBS: What the fuck

Your “Ugh – Just That?!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Hey look - a Tuesday without football! Damn - I was getting used to that.   NFL Nuggets: The Dolphins have had enough of Ryan Fitzpatrick, so they have decided to move Tua up to first-team and named him the starter for their next game. They are taking advantage of their bye week

Your “Who Really Cares At This Point?” Thursday Evening Open Thread

Tuesday football? A hobo-free Wednesday? Beerguy on a Thursday? Truly, these are the strangest of times. NFL Nuggets: The Ravens are apparently still pissed at the Bengals for going for the late field goal & robbing them of a shutout. Ravens DC Don “Wink” Martindale apparently yelled something the on-field mics