Your “Everyone’s On Holiday” Monday Evening Open Thread

A very slow day today, as the US had President's Day & Canada has Family Day. Fortunately, America's 45th president has combined the two into one. NFL Nuggets: Both Pouncey brothers have retired from the NFL. Maurkice spent his whole career with the Steelers, and Mike played for the Dolphins &

Your “Oh, So Now It’s Patriotic?!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Fun fact: he wanted the seal on the side to avoid being meme'd about blowjobs. NFL Nuggets: The turds are mad at the punch bowl: The NFL announced that all fans attending games this season will be required to wear "face coverings". That's if fans are allowed to attend in-person at

Your “If You Don’t Golf, Can You Claim A ‘Mulligan’?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: The big organizational news is the league edict that training camps have to be held at team facilities. Meaning that teams that sometimes hold initial sessions in the field - the Cowboys, for example, usually start in Oxnard, CA - have to hold everything in one place. So

Your “Hotheads Hotheading” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Noise: The AB thing is over a $4000 moving dispute. A company he hired to store & ship his stuff back from California refused to unload it at his house because he refused to pay. When the van drove away, AB threw rocks at it, causing minor damage. When

Tucson, Ch. 4: Primary

We've talked quite a bit here about the history of Tucson, Arizona and how foolish they would be ever to sit down with the piranhas that are NFL negotiators regarding the foolish half-cocked Alazona proposal that was briefly floated to fill dormant offseason news cycles that, before signing their extension

Rams Stadium Update 3: It’s going DOWN!

It's been a little while since we've had an update on the construction of the new gargantuan undertaking that will eventually become the stadium for the L.A. Rams. It will also allow the Chargers to sleep in the basement provided it uses only the back door to enter and exit

Your “There’s No Crying In Baseball” Thursday Evening Open Thread

....Unless you're a Baltimore fan. Hello sportsfans!!!!!!  This is, temporarily at least.... tWBS  coming to you live...well sort of live. Live-ish....?   That banner image up there was taken by none other than yours truly at Camden Yards two seasons ago, btw.  Not bad, eh? Anywhoooo.... CervezaNiñoRoberto  decided to go watch baseball today, so I'm filling

Your “Dull Men With Dull Minds” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The big rule change announced yesterday is that Pass Interference - calls & non-calls - will be reviewable.   Coaches can challenge during the first 28 minutes of each half, and the booth will get the last two minutes. The coaches pushing hardest for the rule were Sean Payton,