Your Wednesday Evening Catwalk Post

NFL News: Greg Olsen has signed a one-year deal with the Seahawks. Continuing the heritage of greats like Franco Harris, Jerry Rice & Sebastian Janikowski, who all signed one-year deals with Seattle before retiring & going to the Hall of Fame. ESPN throws some delightful shade, pointing out that Russell

Your “IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! IT’S FINALLY HERE!” Superb Owl Open Thread

There's much talk of drinkling and fooding in the early thread so I know that everyone is doing it right proper today. The forty-five minutes I spent on the elliptical (god, I hate that motherfucker) won't even begin to justify the calories that I'll be absorbing through the day but

Primer Sexy Sábado de Fútbol de 2020

Hoy tenemos muchas noticias de las ligas de los países donde se habla español. Por eso, vamos a empezar hablando en este bello lenguaje. Y vamos a empezar en España, donde el líder de la competencia ha cambiado de técnico. ¿Qué? / pone el dedo en el oído Fiiiiine! Y'all should really learn a second

Balls on…The College Football Playoff

We just recently finished the semifinals and are eagerly awaiting the final and I don't think everyone is happy. This is where I usually come in. Let's just say the Balls-Signal went out. As usual, I will come in and either fix things or make them worse with everyone complaining about

Balls on… Miss Universe

Some of you may have heard about the latest controversy surrounding the Miss Universe pageant and pageants in general. To be fair, the whole concept of a beauty pageant is, in my opinion, akin to the concept of a college football national champion being crowned by secret votes and

Balls on ASSignment: Thursday Night Football Review Week Eight

Welcome back! Last night, we got the still-undefeated San Francisco 49ers going against the Arizona Cardinals in Phoenix. This meant that the "home" crowd had a healthy mix of away fans and people in town with nothing to do. It was a good game for a bit and then

The Return of Temptation Island Talk: Episode 3

The title of this episode was "Guilt Ridden" but it really should have been "White Ashley's Ass Comes Out". There will be a screenshot and I will scour the Internet for gifs. It's.... something. Episode 3 aired on Thursday night last week when the Minnesota Vikings beat the

Balls on ASSignment: Thursday Night Football Review Week Eight

Welcome back! Last night, we got a weird oddball matchup of the Washington American Football team versus the Vikings. I don't think I can remember any memorable matchups between these two teams in the past. We had to watch football because baseball is taking a break after the Washington

The Return of Temptation Island Talk: Episode 2

Oh, my goodness! Remember how excited I was last time about the Return of Temptation Island Talk? Well, this season is turning out to be better than last season. I mean shit started happening REAL QUICK! Episode 2 aired on Thursday night last week when the Kansas City

Your Yinzer Injury Report 2019

Oh, I’m told this the Bye Week update? Screw that, title still stands. THE BENS TEEM HAS LOTS OF OWIES IN ALL OVER BODYSPOT This team had serious question marks to start this season, and like 908% of the offense has gotten hurt since the opening kick-off to start the season. 2-4