AFL Beat Post Quarantine Update

This week... Footy is back!! Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Previously, the AFL announced that games for the 2020 season would resume starting on June 12, 2020. This week, the AFL released the schedule for Rounds 2, 3, 4, and 5.  Here are the games in all their glory.  Please remember

Horatio’s DFO 2020 Will Never End Mock Draft 2.0 And Open Thread

Greetings, fellow shut-ins.  We like to use the term 'shut-ins' around here to mock our propensity for staying indoors on our various devices while talking about football, lesser football, boobs, butts, and why Trump sucks, but in truth these days we are all, with the rest of the world, literal

Tucson, Ch 6: Never Settle

The University of Arizona, for all intents and purpose, is Tucson, Arizona's claim to fame. The university is the city's largest employer and, as a member of the illustrious Pac-12 athletic conference, the school brings the most press to southern Arizona simply via the broadcast of its sports teams. More

Talking Pandemic – With Special Guest

DFO talked to convicted murderer and anti-technology ideologue Theodore Ted Kaczynski about COVID-19. Commonly known as The Unabomber, Mr. Kach— Ted Kaczynski: Wait. Ideologue? Do not insult me. Door Flies Open: May I finish the voiceover? Ted Kaczynski: No. You told me this was a TED talk. Door Flies Open: Via Ted Kaczynski: Yesterday a

AFLW Beat – 2020 Semi-Finals, Which Just Became The Finals

I suppose we should have seen it coming.  Thanks a lot you fucking virus. The remainder of the AFLW playoffs have been cancelled.  So this is it for AFLW Beat 2020.  The girls just got shut down. But let's get to it... *** Welcome To Ball of Steel’s tWBS’ AFL Beat – 2020 Semi-finals Which Is

AFLW Beat – 2020 Round Six

OK.  For the past few weeks I've featured a profile of a player.  "Better Know The Girl" I've called it.  And we'll do that again next week.  But this week it's... Better Look Out For All The Girls Before They Kill You Tempers boiled over (under?) this week.  The ladies were apparently

AFLW Beat – 2020 Round Five

Better Know The Girl Yeah, I'm being a bit of a homer this week.  Our "guest" this week is none other than the Geelong Cats' rising star, Nina Morrison.  She good. (although I am curious about the yo-yo test) Morrison tested at the AFL Women's draft combine, breaking records in the two-kilometre time

AFLW Beat – 2020 Round Four

Better Know The Girl Gold Coast's Tayla Thorn. She's had an interesting journey.  Used to be a Crow and walked away.  She's an interesting human being. Plus, she's kinda cute.  You know, in a "I'll kick your ass" sort of way. WORTH IT!!!!!! *** Welcome To Ball of Steel’s tWBS’ AFL Beat – 2020 Round Four     Friday, February

AFLW Beat – 2020 Round Three

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?????   Welcome To Ball of Steel’s tWBS’ AFL Beat – 2020 Round Three Friday, February 21 - St. Kilda Saints v Melbourne Demons - Well would you lookit that.  St. Kilda gals finally broke through.  Trailing much of the match, they got clutch performances, none less than Kaitlin Grieser's two goals to

AFLW Beat – 2020 Round Two

What is it about athletic women beating each other up which turns me on? See?  Even that right there got me to half mast. So, show of hands.  Who wants to hear about that fetish? OK, tough but fair.  And who thinks we should just talk about the matches? Fine.  But you didn't have