Your Tuesday Temptation Island Talk Ep 2 Recap and Open Thread

As we discussed last week, I will be doing weekly recaps as in previous years. I do realize this is an Open Thread and we don't want to turn this into a novel, so I'll give you the vital information in a new condensed format for easy reading and

Your “What The Hell…” Saturday Evening Open Thread

I'm going to assume this happened because of the [DFO] Mock Draft, because this never comes up (heh) after Sexy Friday. Quite the user requests, from only the finest online "phramacies". Such inventive screen names too, with descending interest of values. The only thing that surprised me was that they didn't

Your Tuesday Temptation Island Talk Ep 1 Recap and Open Thread

So a REALLY funny thing happened last week! We found out by listening through the very thin walls of the DFO clubhouse that one of our DFO commentists (identity hidden to protect the perverted) had a professional appointment with one of the singles featured on the show! It was only

Reading Sunday Gravy this morning, I was struck at how many people from the site have already been partially vaccinated. Given that over 61 million Americans have already gotten at least one shot - and a couple of 'grandmothers' tried to get their second - it reminds me of how

Well, we are in the deep end of the offseason. The league has spent the last two weeks stroking itself over pulling off the Super Bowl, and quarterbacks are being shopped around the league like cordwood. We've already seen Goff, Stafford & Wentz effectively change teams - officially on March 17

Your Tuesday Temptation Island Talk Open Thread

You can tell that 2021 is already a better year than 2020 because TEMPTATION ISLAND is back!!! Yes, it's true that we can have nice things even though we masturbate. Back again as host is the dreamy Mark L. Walberg. That blue shirt matches his eyes. Perfect. The first episode is