My quest to spend all weekend intoxicated continues apace. Time out was taken to doing the gardening chores today, but that just meant "hard work" beers, which were "Trash Panda IPAs". A tad heavy, but since I was done for the day I didn't much care. They were cold, in my

As is tradition, a version of this must be played to announce the official beginning of summer vacation. This year, I've chosen Switzerland's finest 80s metal band. Marc Storace gave Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon a real run for his money in the permed mullet department.   Which all begs the self-loathing

Sexy Friday, last one in June 2020 edition

Do you guys read our author bios? They're at the bottom of each post and they're meant to tell you a little bit about the writers and how they get their inspiration. My favourite is Beastmode Ate My Baby's bio. It reads as follows: A frequent guest-star on the award-winning

I think we all enjoyed the sight of Trump's less-than sold-out showing in Tulsa yesterday. It does feel pretty good when you see some blowhard get hoisted upon his own petard. But it doesn't mean that he still won't sweep most of the South & rural Midwest & West. Likewise, you

Sexy Friday, Juneteenth Edition

Not too many people know what Juneteenth is. Considering what we've been going through in the last few weeks, that's both a sad reflection on contemporary society and an opportunity to learn. Beerguyrob does history much better than I can ever hope to, so I won't attempt at giving you

I have to say, when I saw the photos in the cache for today's Sunday Gravy, I knew the Commentists were in for a real treat. WineWife has a Gochujang recipe for short ribs that will make you slap your mama. When she announces it is upcoming I immediately put