Derby Days Reignited (and Other Lesser Matters)

God help me, but I think Everton actually goes into this Derby matchup with a puncher's chance (7:30, NBCSN).  The Redshite will no doubt be focused after their 7-2 thrashing away to Villa...but thhat veneer of invincibility has faded.  More importantly, Don Carlo has this bunch of Toffees believing in

Sexy Friday, The Mighty 690 edition

As I was creating this post, I realized that this is the 690th post I have created for DFO and that reminded me of a once powerful and influential radio station in Southern California called The Mighty 690. The Mighty 690 was actually, as the number can attest, an AM station

Less than Elite and Wednesday Night Open Thread

I decided the whole Rhodes family would be too much, so I will just add glossary terms this week. Dusty Finish: Dusty Rhodes was a wrestler and booker for many territories, including the WWE and WCW. He is Dustin and Cody's father. He was very good at creating storylines. He was very

The rare thing I enjoy about the pandemic era (as the history books will call it) are the new forms of stupidity humans have developed during these times.  Of course, none more so than recklessly disagreeing with COVID safety protocols because you want to have yourself a good time. Take Morgan