The Greatest of Pretend HonoUrs – Lesser Sabado Open Thread

In the Pretend Year of Our LAWD 2081, I achieved the crowning achievement of my life (Pretend or otherwise).  Ground is breaking on 140,000 seat Bernard Gilkey Park.  That's right, second new stadium of my long Pretend Man City tenure, and they's naming it after ME. Hey, at least now I can't

Your “No Disrespect Dammit!” Thursday Open Thread

[Banner via Mar-a-Lago live feed] Next Sunday is Championship Sunday, the best sports day of the year, I think. But with its high highs comes the Wile E. Coyote plummet. Come next Monday, it’s the Superb Owl and then The Emptiness of Life* until August, interrupted by signings and the Draft.

Back To 24/7 Footy Manager – Teh New Normal?? Open Thread

Despite continued outbreaks, postponements, and cancellations (both Everton and my Shitty Wolves will be unexpectedly off this weekend) - the Premiership marches on.  Sort of.  But losing the fixtures I care about this weekend, and seeing the FITBAW post-season schedule get all used up...well, thunderfuck reality.  It's back to MOAR

Sexy Friday, Divisional Round edition

This is the weekend that Cinderella stories go to die. Traditionally. We'll see if this weekend is any different. Here is the schedule (all times Eastern) Congratulations to Doktor Zymm for guessing last week's hidden theme of songs performed by Shawn and Gus on Psych! For those of you prudes