Your “Knowing Where You Stand” Saturday Evening Open Thread

It's important in life to have an understanding of your place in the world. Right now, my home province of British Columbia is having an election. The current premier, John Horgan decided that, with his approval ranking of 70% versus other Canadian premiers, he would break the fixed-date election law &

Sexy Friday, What Do You Mean You Want To Try Something New? Edition

Recently, I discovered that one of our very own commentists has a hidden talent for finding pictures of hot chicks on the Internet. No, it's not Moose or Unsurprised or Spur or even Brocky! It's Joliet Jake Delhomme! His recent posts on the open threads have inspired me and

Your “Waiting For Nice Things Is Wasted Time” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: The expensive news - outside of all the injuries teams suffered - are the COVID fines the league levied against certain teams for "non-compliance" with the league's health directives.  The Broncos, Niners & Seahawks were all fined $250,000, and their coaches fined $100K. And there are escalators