Your MXC Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: COVID has finally affected the main roster as some scheduled offseason workouts were "delayed" for a week. Teams with new coaches - Mike McCarthy in Dallas, Joe Judge in New York, Ron Rivera in Washington, Matt Rhule in Carolina, and Kevin Stefanski in Cleveland - would have been able

So far, it's been a very fine weekend. As opposed to The Weeknd, who is a very fine Canadian kid. We have spent today's social distancing getting the little things done around the house, to the point where there is no more anger in WineWife's eyes when she emerges from certain rooms

The Depths of Insanity Saturday

Oh, have you not been playing Football Manager 2020 with the intensity and the involuntary spasming of a prime crickhead?  PLEBIANS. I am as terrible at this as I am GAMBLOR.  PLEASE SEND OPIATES. Anyway, the Central European paradise that is unquestionably Belarus still rules our sportsball desert world.  You get a

Your “The Devil You Know” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Shockingly, the owners approved the new playoff format. It's one extra wild-card game per conference. Using MATH, worked out that the move to 14 playoff teams means 43.7 percent of all NFL teams would qualify for the postseason, compared to 33.3 percent in MLB (33.3), 51.6 in

Your “Any Kennel In A Storm” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Blake Martinez has left the Packers for the Giants. A three-year, $30 million deal. The Packers made him an offer at a lower number, which insulted him. "I think the way they value the inside linebacker position especially in that defense, it wasn't as valued as other places

Your “It’s Not Collusion If They All Agree” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: The league owners are having a conference call on Tuesday - in lieu of their cancelled Spring meetings - to debate & vote on the third wild-card game.   It's widely expected to pass, as it generates additional revenue for them. According to Albert Breer, the league has negotiated

Well, we've survived another weekend. Life & society has, for the most part, adapted to the changes brought about. One of the larger microbreweries in Vancouver - Parallel 49 - has started making hand sanitizer from their excess ethyl alcohol during their beer production.   Due to a shortage of plastic bottles,