Your “A Very Special Valentine’s Day” Friday Evening Open Thread

Last week I promised you fine folks a funny story about Valentine's Day.  But the more I thought about it the more I realized it wasn't so much a funny story as it was a rather sad and depressing story.  And if you read my dumbass series on relationships this

Your “How Did I Get Here?” Thursday Evening Open Thread NFL Nuggets: Today's trade / release rumours: Matt Stafford. Unlikely, given that he's a $21 million cap hit if he plays, but a $32 million hit if he's released or traded. Josh Norman. He's just too expensive, and Washington can draft cheaper options. Jameis Winston. Sure, he just had LASIK,

Your “Please Just Go” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

I originally had a very different idea to write about foar tonight.  Maybe you'll get that one next week sometime.  Assuming I'm not in jail or in the hospital.  Or worst case scenario, the morgue. Anywhooooo... So my desktop computer died last night.  No worries there.  It's not as if I hadn't

Your DOGGIE Westminster Show Open Thread

Nothing matters tonight other than watching cool doggies doing their thing and, hopefully, pooping on the carpet. All your details are here: TV coverage is on Fox Sports. For all of you that don't know, Ryan Reynolds, my personal spirit guide, has decided to sponsor The Show through his gin: Now get to

Your “Senor’s To-Play List” Saturday Evening Open Thread

Evening lizard people. It's your friendly neighborhood Senor Weaselo getting to throw it back just a little to the "bands we like" genre of the usual Saturday Evening Post threads. Because fuck it, it's Saturday night, let's listen to some tunes! Well, except it's not bands we like. Or bands

Your “Singing The Blues” Friday Evening Open Thread

If you'll recall, last week we did a theme on "Red" in honour of the Superb Owl participants, and also hate week. This week, everyone seems to still be sad and hungover with no moar fitbawl to look forward to.  So this week we're doing "Blue". And since I don't have much

How Open Is Your Thursday?

I reckon I will continue with "Occupied" on Netflix.   Norway seems pretty awesome, to me. There is no FITBAW, nor baseball.  Nor will there be for quite some time.  I don't enjoy online agitation and anger, so I am certainly avoiding news and politics for a bit. We are getting cray-cray winter

Your “Go Clean Yourself Up” Wednesday Evening Open Thread Wow, the interwebz can be edukashunul sometimes. Did you know that today is National Shower With A Friend Day?  Seriously, it is. And while I no longer have any friends who I believe would want to shower with me, and vice versa for that matter, I did think it was interesting.  I

Your “And Then Depression Set In” Post Fitbawl Wednesday Daytime Open Thread As much as we like to make fun of "The League", having no Fitbawl to look forward to IS an adjustment. But there is Fitbawl News. The Chefs are having themselves a parade today. Former Carolina Panthers' TE Greg Olsen has been quoted as saying his departure wasn't quite as much