An Imaginary Pretend Man City Tribute…Plus MOAR!

Welcome to July (or Jew-LIE!!!! if from Mississippi), with Lesser Footy now back in full swing.  Most of the fixtures are even watchable now! First, a tribute.  Pretend Man City (2048-49 season) just signed a shit-hot new Keeper, England's #1 at the age of 23.  He's 6'4" and Black Like Me

Your So Happy It’s Thursday Before July 4th Holiday Open thread

Good evening, all! Your normal evening thread host, Beerguyrob, is off somewhere in British Columbia celebrating the end of the school year. That means you get me today and tomorrow. I did check with the authorities and they told me in very clear terms that I could not

Your “Different Belly Rubs Brings Different Scrutiny” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Apparently they are still looking into the Robert Kraft case, as the Florida Appeals Court had a hearing today about the constitutionality of the search warrants.  Deputy Solicitor General Jeffrey DeSousa pleaded his case today that the lower court rulings should be thrown out and the recording

My quest to spend all weekend intoxicated continues apace. Time out was taken to doing the gardening chores today, but that just meant "hard work" beers, which were "Trash Panda IPAs". A tad heavy, but since I was done for the day I didn't much care. They were cold, in my

As is tradition, a version of this must be played to announce the official beginning of summer vacation. This year, I've chosen Switzerland's finest 80s metal band. Marc Storace gave Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon a real run for his money in the permed mullet department.   Which all begs the self-loathing

27 June Lesser Madness Thread

Tis a strange schedule.  You get one Premiership fixture each day, at bizarre times.  Saturday has ONLY the early bird special, which features Euro-curious Wolves away to "just happy to be here" Villa (7:30, NBCSN).  I feel like a lunatic setting me alarms for this.  But I will.  Saints at

Sexy Friday, last one in June 2020 edition

Do you guys read our author bios? They're at the bottom of each post and they're meant to tell you a little bit about the writers and how they get their inspiration. My favourite is Beastmode Ate My Baby's bio. It reads as follows: A frequent guest-star on the award-winning

Your “When Things Don’t Go According To Plan” Thursday Evening Open Thread

Nodules of NFL News: The big news today is that the Hall of Fame Game has been officially cancelled.  This was widely expected, but still needed to be publicly announced to avoid the arrival of thousands of motor homes in Canton, Ohio. Having been there during HoF Week, I