Your NFC Wildcard Playoff Game Open Thread

TO THE GAME! Bears/Saints: -The general consensus is that on-the-cusp of 42 years, Drew Brees will hang up his mole/birthmark for good after he loses. That won't be happening today. -Despite being benched Truth Biscuit actually has a record of 6-3 as a starter this year. Despite having the 2nd worst passing grade

Instant Hippo Thoughts and Wild Card 4 of 6, Bitches! Game Thread

There were three fixtures played yesterday.  Well, two fixtures and a woodchipper feeding. [Closed Captioning for the Hard of Hippo provided by the Church of the Immaculate Deception, Rev. E. Mayhem] Humps [Colts] and Bills [Wooooooo!] was actually quite compelling.  [Woooooooooooo!] You had two analytics-friendly coaches, who had the bollocks that

Kicking Off the Strangest FA Cup and Wild Card 1 of 6 Bitches! Combo Thread

Good day, imaginary peoples.  It's REALLY here.  The day we gets a TRIPLEHEADER of Wild Card, Bitches! action.  And it happens again tomorrow!  We just needed a world-wide pandemic to make it real.  [slaps #NuAIDS on the ass, HARD!] But first, we have a wacky Lesser Morning, with pretty much every match on

Sexy Friday, Wild Card Bitches! edition

Yes, it's THAT weekend! You can already see that 2021 will be a LOT better than 2020 because we have ourselves 6 (SIX!) Wild Card games this weekend! And there are some very tasty matchups, as you can see below: Saturday 10:00 AM Pacific - Team Nipple at Team DickSaturday 1:40 PM Pacific

Your “This Ain’t Over Yet” Pre-Wild Card Thursday Open Thread

Self-righteous crap and crying: what a way to start 2021. Never underestimate media and charisma. Yeah, charisma; folks in leadership positions do acquire it, even despite personality. Also, overexposure turns the mind into mush. So when a powerful figure speaks, the minions do not require a direct message to stoke irrational

It’s only Tuesday open thread?

Hey all, hope you're well and sticking to whatever resolutions you made.  I plan to start to eat less crap and just less in general.  We also started a new budgeting thingy, so want to continue with that as well, with the hopes of someday retiring with moar than a

Your Next NFL Football Open Thread

Did anything get sorted out? Well, surely this round of tilts will settle everything. TO THE GAMES! Packers/Bears: Chicago would have much preferred that Green Bay had nothing to play for but they want to solidify that #1 seed so this one should be intense, to the point where some players may end