Sunday Gravy with yeah right: The Dessert Special! Key (?) Lime Pie.

Editors note: during each season of Sunday Gravy the author will "stash" or pre-write an episode or two since events happen, shit gets in the way and life intervenes. This is one of those episodes. Obviously with its upbeat or Pollyannaish nature it was written just prior to the events

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Some butter, flour and milk? We got this.

Good morning shut-ins! How is everybody holding up? I had a Monday off a couple of weeks ago right as this shit started and to be honest? After three days of staying in the house I was ready to flip my shit. I know that I'm extremely fortunate with my work situation. Not

Talking Pandemic – With Special Guest

DFO talked to convicted murderer and anti-technology ideologue Theodore Ted Kaczynski about COVID-19. Commonly known as The Unabomber, Mr. Kach— Ted Kaczynski: Wait. Ideologue? Do not insult me. Door Flies Open: May I finish the voiceover? Ted Kaczynski: No. You told me this was a TED talk. Door Flies Open: Via Ted Kaczynski: Yesterday a

Sunday gravy with yeah right: St Patrick’s Day for The End of Days

Good morning everyone. Welcome back to Sunday Gravy where despite the fact that the world has gone fucking insane, we soldier right the fuck along! Nothing can stop that Gravy Train! I'm going to try and keep you entertained and hopefully bring a tiny bit of light to our confusing-ass times. Not to

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: I’m hungry, let’s make a taco.

Good morning fellow quarantiners! Hope everyone is still feeling healthy and relatively disease free. As we muddle through our virus induced madness it's important to remember that it's safer if you cook your own food. Always tastier too. And since there are no sports of any kind right now, another thing

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: The Croque Madame

Good morning all. Welcome back and damn glad to have you. It's nice that you've taken a little time away from decontaminating your homes and shopping for surgical masks to spend a little quality time with some much needed gravy. I appreciate it. If you're like me and you log in to [DFO]

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Falafel!

Good morning all! Hope life is treating you well. Always good to have you here. It's Gravy time! We had a quick preview of spring/summer here in LA this last week and that, coupled with watching some Spring Training baseball, gets you all giddy and shit for spring. I promised my offspring that we would

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: New Orleans Style Barbecue Shrimp!

Good morning all. Time to wake up and smell the gravy! Hope everybody is surviving the beginning of the long-ass NFL offseason. I know why you're here. You're here for the goddamn gravy! And boy howdy do we have a good one today. It's truly the best of both worlds. It's tasty as

Sunday Gravy Season Premiere!: The Low Cost of Luxury.

  Good morning Gravy heads! Welcome back to Sunday Gravy! Now that we've finished another mostly disappointing NFL season, we can get back to the good stuff! Today marks the start of the 6th season of Sunday Gravy. God. Damn. We've covered well over 100 some-odd recipes dating all the way back to my very