Your Sexy Soccer Saturday Open Thread – Dec 1

Later this gorgeous Pacific Time morning, I'll be heading out to the LA Convention Center to check out the LA Auto Show. I may find my next car or I may just get extremely tired walking around for hours on end. Which will it be? STAY TUNED! In the meantime,  the UEFA Nations

Sexy Soccer Saturday Open Thread – Edición de Libertadores

What? Or should I say,  "¿Qué?" Today,  in addition to the usual European league action,  we have the first leg of the Copa Libertadores Final. To the unfamiliar,  this is the South American version of the Champions League.  While the Champions League crowns its champion in one game held at a neutral

Your Sexy Soccer Saturday Open Thread

This time, I'll REALLY put the sexy in the Soccer Saturday Open Thread! You see,  kids,  the person that was originally going to write this post had an unexpected guest and couldn't do the post. I'm thinking it was a sexy guest. Now,  it seems more like Spring Break than the first week