tWBS On Relationships – VI The Final Chapter (at least for now)

There's a reason why we went backwards chronologically. At the end of this one, hopefully you'll understand. This story is a bit convoluted in several ways.  And it might have been the biggest mistake of my life.  I'm going to try to tell it accurately, but it's been a while.  Please bear

tWBS On Relationships – V (Pt 2)

I started this story last week.  And I tried to be very careful in what I said and how I said it. I will admit that in the moment, nearly three years ago, I did not handle it particularly well. In fact, I handled it very not well.  Being betrayed will do

tWBS On Relationships – V (Pt 1)

I have to be careful about this one.  Very, very careful.  But let's give it a shot. Balls: Don't worry,  I'm here to make sure you're ok. tWBS: Hey,  that's mighty nice of you! Balls: And to make sure you don't fuck up. tWBS: Asshole.  Ok fine, let's just get this over with... In early

tWBS On Relationships – Special Edition

Originally, this week we were going to begin talking about love and loss from a few years ago.  But then wordpress ate it.  Twice.  And I don't have time to type it all again this week.  So we'll get to that next week. So even though we've been working backwards chronologically,

tWBS On Relationships – IV

In May of 2018 I traveled to Venice Beach, California for two weeks as I sometimes do.  The Venice and Santa Monica area is probably my favorite place in the world.  Venice in particular is a very interesting place to me, if for no other reason than all races and

tWBS On Relationships – III (The Former tWLS)

This one's gonna hurt me, just so you know. And I know at the end of last week I said this would be a multi-parter.  I've changed my mind on that.  I'm just going to leave a lot of stuff out because... ....the better part of valor, one might say. OK, first for

tWBS On Relationships – Part II (aka Why Is Gerald Here?)

OK, so in mid-May I drove up to Maryland.  I met up with some old High School friends and had some nice dinners.  Saw the Yankees beat the ever loving hell out of the Orioles.  You know, the standard fare. But that aside, when I checked into the hotel I was

tWBS On Relationships – Part I

OK, I churned this out literally overnight after going back and forth on whether to even start writing this stuff.  I am not fully on board here with writing these posts, just so you all know.  And mostly it's because I'm still pissed off.  So don't get your hopes up

FISHNET: A BoTG Investigation

Author's Note:  I watched a lot of TV when I was a kid.  One of my favorites was old reruns of Dragnet.  For me, Jack Webb's vocal mannerisms as the Joe Friday character are classic, and sometimes even now, that just comes out.  That's what happened here when I sat

Bye Week Roadtrips 2017: Pt I – Miami Dolphins

[Exterior Day, Miami, Florida] tWBS stands and looks across a huge and nearly empty parking lot.  He looks at the slip of paper again, and double checks the address.  Satisfied it is correct, he begins hiking across the lot.  After checking his watch again, he begins to run.  As he picks

Your Official DFO-CON 2017 Announcement Post

AFTERNOON - SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - NONDESCRIPT OFFICE BUILDING INTERIOR [An extremely pale but handsome young man sits at his desk, trying to do anything but work. Sensing a presence behind him, he minimizes his open window to a complicated looking spreadsheet and turns around.] Low Commander: Yeah, so, that'll be done in-- Oh,