An Old Friend Comes Home

INTERIOR - SOFI STADIUM LOCKER ROOM, LOS ANGELES, CA  - SUNDAY AFTERNOON [LOCKER ROOM DOOR FLIES OPEN] DR. DAVID CHAO: [Visibly stumbling] HI [hic] EVERYSSBODYSSS! [The locker room is empty and offers no response] DR. DAVID CHAO: Oh, a little [hic] alonesh time for the [hic] Doctor and hsssh patient! [Pulls out flask and

Nobody’s Chargers 2020 Season Preview: No Control

INTERIOR – NONDESCRIPT DOMICILE, CARSON, CA – EVENING [A MAN sits alone on a couch in his living room, completely fixated on the TV in front of him, despite the fact that nothing particularly interesting is on it. His gaze is so intent, that he hardly blinks and certainly doesn't hear

Dead Sexy Friday: A tWBS Tribute

As you all know from Don T's Wednesday post, the man we all knew as tWBS passed away on Monday. FWIW, as he would write, it seems he passed away in his sleep without suffering. So, that's something. Many of us got to know him in real life and we're lucky

Screw It, I’m Quittin – The 2019 Indianapolis Colts On Bye

In retrospect, it may not have been wise to make the 2019 Indianapolis Colts Preview post all about Andrew Luck. Just before the season started, Andrew's agent gave Jim Irsay the Sister Christian treatment; e.g., "You know that boy don't wanna play no more with's true." MOTORIN WHAT'S YOUR PRICE FOR Sorry.

No One’s Chargers 2019 Preview: Top Bolt

INTERIOR - CHARGERS WAR ROOM, MIRA MAR, CA - MIDDAY MAJ. TOM TELESCO: [Walking in] Good morning Tony. COMM. ANTHONY LYNN: Morning Tom. RADIO: Ghost Audience, we have an unknown aircraft entering our airspace. Vector 405 for bogey. TELESCO: Who's up there? LYNN: Rivers, Gordon, Bosa and Allen. EXTERIOR - THE SKIES ABOVE SAN DIEGO COUNTY CAPT. RIVERS: YOU BETTER ASK SOMEBODDDDDYYYYYY

Why no one in LA gives a **** about the Chargers

As i'm writing this,  the Fox crew is still showing highlights of the Patriots' convincing win over the Chargers in the Divisional Round.  No one in LA except the players,  the coaches,  and their families is particularly upset about it. You may ask yourself why. It's actually

Jason Garrett Evaluates his Roster

Interior: Dallas Cowboys practice facility, Frisco Texas. Jason Garrett: "Hey Scott." Scott Linehan: "Jason." JG: "Gonna be a tough schedule from here on out." SL: "Shore is, Jason. Although, we got a couple of winnable games in there." JG: "Hell, they're all tough opponents in the NFL and especially this time of year." SL: "Yep." JG: "So,

Miss Bumbum – A Teaching Moment

As you may recall, the DFO team had a homework assignment a couple of months back. On September 7, 2018, on the eve of the NFL season starting, I took over tWBS's Sexy Friday post and set up a poll which would determine which Brazilian ass was the best Brazilian

Caleb Sturgis Takes a Ride

EXTERIOR – CHARGERS PRACTICE FACILITY, COSTA MESA, CA – MIDDAY [CALEB STURGIS walks alone to his car following Monday's walk-through. He seems a bit forlorn, yet still has the semblance of an optimistic smile on face. As he is a few feet from his car, another vehicle rolls up] [CAR DOOR FLIES

Nobody’s Chargers 2018 (Late) Bye Week Update – The End of an Era

INTERIOR – ST. CATHEDRAL, LOS ANGELES – MIDDAY [A massive group of formal, yet lavishly dressed people fill the pews of the church. The room is so packed with bodies that there is a constant murmur that drowns out the few notes of the organ just audible above the buzz. DEAN