Dead Sexy Friday: A tWBS Tribute

As you all know from Don T's Wednesday post, the man we all knew as tWBS passed away on Monday. FWIW, as he would write, it seems he passed away in his sleep without suffering. So, that's something. Many of us got to know him in real life and we're lucky

Adieu, adios, arrivederci, auf wiedersehen.

NPR's Frank Deford retired rather unceremoniously last Wednesday, May 3rd, broadcasting his final mid-week Morning Edition commentary. Reduced last year from a weekly piece to a monthly feature, his final appearance after 37 years at National Public Radio was met with the exact tapered energy and matter-of-fact emotion that anyone would expect

We Won’t Have Mike Carey To Kick Around Any More

(We open on a conference room at CBS Sports studios, where Sean McManus is obviously getting ready to deliver bad news to someone. Several low- and mid-level flunkies are seated at varous places around the conference table, eating the free donuts, drinking coffee, and a few are even snickering) Low Level Flunky:

A Year Ago: KSK in Memoriam

A year ago today, KSK Smelled Us Later, Forever. It's hard to think it's been so long, or even so short sometimes, but I know that many of us feel that we owe the good folks who Made U-----X Great Before a debt of some kind. We've heard from Ape,