Wednesday Motivational – Die On Your Feet, Not On Your Knees

Someone close to me died recently.  Sadly, it was his choice.  And as best I can tell he made that choice because he didn't like himself.  Or thought other people didn't like him.  Either way, that sucks. He couldn't help it.  Intellectually I understand that.  Emotionally, I'm still pretty broken up. 

Wednesday Motivational – Please Do Whatever You Can

We're living in odd times right now.  This virus isn't going to be the end of mankind.  I promise.  But it has changed just about everyone's way of life.  At least for the time being. Restrictions on social interactions.  Restrictions on travel.  Nearly every sporting event cancelled or postponed. And school closings. When

Wednesday Motivational – Sometimes It Takes A While But Getting There Is Worth It

I read a very good book yesterday.  Advanced copy.  I love knowing people who can steal things for me. I'm only just joking about the stealing.  She works in the publishing industry, it was legal. But the book has only just been released. Its author is Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt. Yes, her father is Arnold. 

tWBS On Relationships – VI The Final Chapter (at least for now)

There's a reason why we went backwards chronologically. At the end of this one, hopefully you'll understand. This story is a bit convoluted in several ways.  And it might have been the biggest mistake of my life.  I'm going to try to tell it accurately, but it's been a while.  Please bear

tWBS On Relationships – V (Pt 2)

I started this story last week.  And I tried to be very careful in what I said and how I said it. I will admit that in the moment, nearly three years ago, I did not handle it particularly well. In fact, I handled it very not well.  Being betrayed will do