Talking Pandemic – With Special Guest

DFO talked to convicted murderer and anti-technology ideologue Theodore Ted Kaczynski about COVID-19. Commonly known as The Unabomber, Mr. Kach— Ted Kaczynski: Wait. Ideologue? Do not insult me. Door Flies Open: May I finish the voiceover? Ted Kaczynski: No. You told me this was a TED talk. Door Flies Open: Via Ted Kaczynski: Yesterday a

BRING BACK MATT! The DFO Interview: Matt Ufford

In honor of [Door Flies Open]’s third “anniversary” (the site was here before, but… you know), the writing staff… nearly forgot about it. In a way, I feel that's a good thing because it means we've been around for a little while. But once we realized the moment upon us,

Offseason QB Interviews! – Denver edition.

Ahhh yeaahh Denver. Mountains? Check. Good beer? Check. Legal weed? Check. QB interview? Well, we shall just see about that. I have absolutely no idea who I am going to speak to but I will trust that Internet Dad has this set up for me. First things first have to

Offseason QB Interviews! – San Francisco Edition.

Alright, third time lucky I am sure with all the optimism in San Francisco that the dysfunction will have left the facility. /Arrives at AT&T Park Sweet, maybe I can get some of my beloved Dirt Niners gear before my interview. Where the hell is the entrance for the Niners part of

The DFO Interview: Drew Magary

In honor of [Door Flies Open]'s 2nd anniversary we reached back in time and reached out in person to interview one of the founding fathers of our former motherblog Kissing Suzy Kolber. On July 10th I attended a book reading/signing in Manhattan Beach, CA. The author on hand was none other

NFL Conference Championship Preview

НФЛ Конференция Чемпионат Превью Here at DFO, we are proud to be a multi-national worldly bunch.  We live in countries other than the United States, we were born in countries other than the US, and we have extensively traveled to countries other than the US.  What we have found is that

DFO Romance Report: Charlie Whitehurst and Jewel

Charlie Whitehurst is one of those lucky fellas who is employed as a backup quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts in the National Football League. That means he gets a pretty nice salary ($2 million per year on his current contract) and doesn't experience the memory-sapping abuse that starting quarterbacks endure. As