Your Kill! Kill! Kill! How Lesser Footy caused World War III open thread

As much as we like to pretend sports is pure and innocent, we all know she has taken a few pokes from the tips of wealthy businessmen over the years and has definitely done anal (it's the sex  God can't see if you're hetero-- sorry LGBTQ). It's why in every Lesser

Your 2017 Daytona 500 Open Thread

My father-in-law is a big NASCAR fan.  Which is weird since he's in Southern California, (unless he's been washed away over the last week; come to think of it we should probably call), by way of Connecticut, neither of which are areas particularly known for rickets, poor dentistry, shitty beer

This Week In Violence! Presents SlamBall

Well, folks, after 15 weeks, it's getting almost impossible to keep finding material that meets our necessary violence and obscurity requirements to write about. So as such, I'll be wrapping up This Week In Violence! with a bang as we finally return home stateside to check out a sport that never

This Week In Violence! Presents Pitz

I'm breaking one of my rules this week: this edition of This Week In Violence! explores a sport that is no longer practised anymore. I'd say this is a shame, except the reality now is that recruiting top athletes would probably be quite difficult, considering the whole, y'know, extremely regular death thing.

This Week In Violence! Presents The Eton Wall Game

My father went to private school. I did not. It's a completely foreign environment to me, particularly now as a public school teacher. One thing I do know about private school, however, beyond the stereotypical throwback uniforms, strict rules, and such, is that many have incredibly long-running traditions that are

This Week In Violence! Presents Water Jousting

Game of Thrones has been back for two weeks. I've been stoked as hell about it. Obviously the fantasy elements - the dragons, White Walkers, blood magic, etc.  - are the most fun elements of the show, but there's something to be said for the entertainment value from knights, horses,

This Week In Violence! Presents Yağlı Güreş

Oil wrestling! We've probably all dreamed about witnessing this in a certain manner... at least perhaps in the manner suggested by B-comedies and gentlemen's magazines. And while this is perhaps fun, and most certainly entertaining for the heterosexual male demographic, in Turkey, oil wrestling is in fact a time-honoured tradition

This Week In Violence! Presents Shin-Kicking

I'll never forget the chemistry prof I had for the one science class I was required to take in my freshman year of college. "Yes, I'm from Wales. Where men are men, and sheep are nervous." I never did particularly well in that class, but I did enjoy coming to lectures. That

This Week In Violence! Presents Kotta Pora

Pillow fights! The domain of children and unreasonably attractive sorority sisters in underwear, right? That's what society has led us to believe up to now, at any rate. The truth is this: pillow fights are not any one person's exclusive domain. Indeed, I had not realized until recently that they're

This Week In Violence! Presents Ki-o-rahi

New Zealand - two islands full of sheep, mountains, kiwi birds and fruits, hobbits, and especially rugby. The All-Blacks' legendary Haka chant strikes fear and wonder into opponents and crowds all over the world. Indeed, the culture of rugby in New Zealand may stem from well beyond when the first

This Week In Violence! Presents Cheese-Rolling

The English are well known for their absurdist sense of humour. From Monty Python to Mr. Bean to even Parliament itself, the weird and surreal come out in so many aspects of everyday life in the United Kingdom. Thus, it comes with absolutely zero surprise that amongst all the slapstick