TWIFY: Qatar. Today’s Copa América team Preview

 Wakezilla sitting in the back of a limo while his driver, a black male, has a stressed look on his face, is driving on Salwa road in Doha, Qatar. Wakezilla: Marhaba! Assalamu Alaikum my DFO friends! Your pal Wakezilla recently got a life changing promotion that required me to move to

That’s it.

Author's Note:  I wrote this in the wee hours of Monday morning after being rightfully PISSED OFF about Sunday's game.  I've sat on it and spent all of Monday trying to cool down and get some perspective.  I'm re-reading it on Monday night to see if I want to take

A New Yorker’s Postmortem on This Election

Well, this election has come and gone and taken years off our life with its vitriol. Colbert was right, too much venom and it feels like we all ODed. By the last few weeks I just wanted it to be over and after I went and voted I sat in

Why the TV ratings are down and why it doesn’t matter because the NFL is dying

There have been many, and I mean MANY, articles out recently trying to explain the NFL ratings decline.  For the most part, I've heard about them from Twitter and from comments here.  Once I get to the article, I skim it to see what the author's underlying reason is.  Then,

DFO Euro 2016 Preview – Turkey

Sorry I'm late with this, hoped I'd have it up by their first game. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the Turkish team aka the Crescent-Stars, ranked 18th in the FIFA rankings and playing Croatia (lost 1-0), Spain, and the Czech Republic in Group D: Fuck 'em.  

Quick Field Notes From Seattle

Photo Credit: BFC (!)

The ladyfriend and I spent a long Memorial Day weekend in Seattle and the broader Olympic Peninsula area.  Yes, we had a lovely time, thank you for asking. The featured image is a view of the city (and Mt. Rainier) from Kerry Park, and I'm open to compliments on my photography. Here's

FYM: Capsaicin

An incredibly handsome internet writer lounges on a couch. A pair of adorable animals are cuddled together in his lap. [blinks] Hmm, my eye itches. [unconsciously rubs eye] Ah. That's better.  That's...ow. That's starting to...OWWWW! Ow! Ah! My eye! Ow, this...yeah, I guess I was cutting jalapenos. But that was an hour ago. And I