Gazing into Balls’ crystal balls

Trust me,  you do NOT want to see the other images I considered for this post. This will be my weekly outlook as to who will make the playoffs,  who won't,  who will win,  and who won't. Essentially,  it will be an exercise in pissing Hippo and Moose off. TO THE STANDINGS! AFC What about

LA Football Report – Thanksgiving Week

As we get closer to stuffing ourselves with turkey and three football games on Thursday, it's time to once again take a look at how things look on the Best Coast of the Best Coast. Only San Diego has warmer ocean water,  but our beaches are undoubtedly better.  Need more proof? But

25 Questions About…

This Of course, I mean amateur photography.  In case you've living in a tree the last 50 years, here's the full sketch: Now, I've noticed that we have a lot of awesome photographers here in the DFO stable.  Over the holiday, I was impressed with the fireworks photos posted by Brick and

La Madre Patria

The title translates into English literally as "The Mother Country" or colloquially as "The Motherland".  This name for Spain is commonly used in Latin America.  The relationship between Latin American countries and Spain is....complicated. In Spanish, the phrase "Qué padre!" is roughly translated as "Cool!" or "Awesome!".  In contrast, the phrase

Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – AFL Women’s Round 6

As we get nearer to the end of this inaugural AFL Women's season, I am constantly reminded of how much I love this game, how much I love the AFL for creating this league (and just being awesomely-run period), how much I respect the women that play in it, and

Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – AFL Women’s Round 4

You know, the more and more I watch the AFL Women's competition, the more I Appreciate the game of Australian Rules Football Respect the shit out of these women that play this game and expose themselves to injury while maintaining regular jobs Dig the AFL and how it's run. It's really

The only acceptable way to expand the NFL Playoffs

So, writers across the country are trying to fill space between playoff games by deriding Roger Goodell's idea for expansion of the playoffs solely because of this weekend's particularly sucky games.  Granted, it's an over-reaction, but any time anyone gives Roger Goodell shit for being a National Disgrace, it's also

How your teenager can learn to drive better by watching NASCAR

Author's Note: Today is the beginning of the offseason for 62.5% of the NFL teams.  Thus, our offseason DFO #content begins!  Stay tuned for a 2017 AFL Season Preview and many more surprises.  Trust me, 2017 is going to be a great year!  I can feel it.  I was born in


The Internet is a wonderful weird place that has led me down many interesting rabbit holes.  I just got out of one thanks to this article in the New Statesman. It's worth a click,  but the main gist is that there are certain commonly accepted facts that are,  upon review, totally