Is It Just Me On This One?

I know the guy was D-III and played for a "lesser  program".  But if they wanted to sign you, wouldn't this be an insult?  I mean just sign me, that's great.  But don't insult me.  $279 for a signing bonus?  Great, I can now go buy groceries and toilet paper. 

Wow, How Bored Am I?

I mean I've been reading some of the weirdest stuff online. Oy. But this subject came up on a post a week or so ago sooooo.... YOU'RE WELCOME!!!!!!! Why Cats Show You Their Butt, According to Science -

Da Fuq Is Wrong With People?

Fucking Newark, Man. Four New Jersey JV basketball players investigated after video shows their coach being beaten up That link will take you to a story.  Within that story, there is a link to a Twitter video. The video is somewhat graphic in nature, but nothing we haven't come to be desensitized to. 

STFU He Got In, He Got In, Stop Your Whining.

Derek Jeter falls one vote short of being unanimous Hall of Fame pick; why he deserved every vote Here's the shortstop WAR leaderboard (min. 75 percent of career games at short): Cal Ripken Jr.: 95.9 WAR Ozzie Smith: 76.9 WAR Bill Dahlen: 75.4 WAR Luke Appling: 74.5 WAR Arky Vaughan: 72.9

Deep Thoughts…With tWBS

Whenever I watch game shows, I tend to shout out the answers when I know them.  I like to feel smrt. But often, when I watch them with my mother, I shout out the answers and then a few seconds later, she'll shout out the same answer as if SHE thought

[Redacted] Ron

Full Disclosure...part of the reason I'm posting this is because I want to see how well the filter still works. But still... Ron Rivera reportedly agrees to five-year deal to become [Redacted]s' new head coach The Washington [Redacted]s have landed Ron Rivera to be their next head coach, according to Michael Silver of

RIP Anthony Grundy

You were not a perfect human being.  Then again, who of us is? But you deserved better than you got. For those who don't remember him, which is probably most of you I guess... Dude could ball. -

The “Cam Newton School of Driving” Strikes Again

Errol Spence Jr. in intensive care after his vehicle flips multiple times in crash, police say Unified welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. was seriously injured in a rollover crash early Thursday morning in Dallas, police confirmed. Spence (26-0, 21 KOs), a native of nearby Desoto, Texas, was not wearing a seat belt,