Tuesday nights open threads

What up all? As always, I hope you're as well as can be considering all the shit going on in the world these days.  I try to stay away from politics, but only one more sleep until there's a new president, so that's a plus, i think. I'm hoping it's

It’s only Tuesday open thread?

Hey all, hope you're well and sticking to whatever resolutions you made.  I plan to start to eat less crap and just less in general.  We also started a new budgeting thingy, so want to continue with that as well, with the hopes of someday retiring with moar than a

Last Tuesday of 2020 open thread

Hey all, this is your "crap I've got to write the open thread for tonight and just remembered even thought I've been sitting around all day doing sweet fuck all" Tuesday night open thread.  Hope you are all well and that your sugar and gravy levels are returning to normal

Another Tuesday Night opens thread

Are you ready for some football Christmas?  It's only 10 days away now. I was at the mall last week to try to finish some of my shopping.  That's the first time since I was in a mall since March.  Had to answer a bunch of questions on the way

It’s December already!?! Tuesday night open thread

As BGR is on the IR with a shoulder owie (wishing him a most speedy recovery) there is a little known DFO bylaw that states that the Tuesday night open thread should be done by a Canadian with three words in their screen name.  Who knew? So, as one of the

Your Jets at the Bye Rant

The minimum word count's still broke, so let's do this: Let's put 5 minutes on the clock and see what I can type out. Ready? Go. The New York Jets are BAD. Forget winless bad, a lot of teams can do that. I'm talking great works of badness in history. I'm

#DisBelieveland: 2020 Cleveland Browns Bye Week Update

Quick: without looking at their record, are the Cleveland Browns a good team or a bad team?   Got an answer?   You're wrong.  Whichever way you answered, you're wrong.   Cleveland is a Limited Heisenberg Uncertainty Team: at any given time, you can know where they are, but you can't know where they are going.