Fun with Nick Hardwick: A Liar’s Guide for Moving to LA 3 – Carson Drift

Last week, former San Diego Chargers radio color commentator and long time center, Nick Hardwick, announced that he would be doing a complete and total about-face on his decision to call games for the second NFL team in Los Angeles. This is rather surprising, considering the fact that Hardwick had

Your “It’s Only the Unofficial Start of Summer, It’s Still Good!” Memorial Day Open Thread

Seriously, I can't be the only one miffed, nay, irked, that the Stanley Cup Final goes in June at this point. In what world is there ice in fucking June? Other than, you know, the Southern Hemisphere since it's winter there. (For what it's worth, I also have beefs with

CrimeBeat!: Bat Country Edition

No time for love, Dr. Jones- let's get right down to it. BRING FORTH THE ACCUSED! PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA CHARGE: Indecent exposure With apologies to WhyEaglesWhy. Can you hear it? Can you hear the low, menacing rumble, like a thousand Peter Kings' stomaches in an Acela™ Quiet Car? That's the sound of the City of

Pens-Jacks Quasi-Preview Or Some Such (mostly Ice Stillers)

The Pittsburgh Ice Stillers commence their Stanley Cup title defense against the "third best" team in the Metro Division, Columbus. The Pens recorded their third-best record in franchise history with 111 points, which not only wasn't enough to win the division (piss off, Crapitals), but, has them playing the equally

Your “All About That (In)Action, Boss!”” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Tracy Porter has been waived by the Bears. Backup QB news: Matt McGloin has been signed by the Eagles T.J. Yates has been signed by the Bills. The Bills also signed Ian Seau, the undrafted free-agent nephew of Junior and proof the Spanos family wouldn't know a good PR

“Three Interesting Sides and the F-ing Holes” Final Four Thread

Seriously, this was almost one of the more intriguing, non-evil final events of college hooping EVAR...if Kenfucky could have just guarded that annoying white fucker.  Now, I will have to stress drink tonight.  Fuck you, Coach Cal. #7E South Carolina v. #1W Gonzaga (6:09, CBS) Frank "Heart of Darkness" Martin v. Mark