Tina’s DFO Erotic Friend Fiction #5 – “In Heat”

Tonight's Episode: "In Heat " He exited the stadium along with a crowd of others.  It was a quiet and somber mass of humanity as the Cubbies had dropped the Sunday game vs the Cardinals, thus losing the weekend series. "This sure as shit ain't like last year!!!!" one frustrated fan shouted.  The

Hard Ride To Nowhere (Chapter 84)

The scene: Beach Party on the Island of Doktor Zymm! The little DFO stoner session has turned into a full luau, with various ninjas and technicians from the island base hanging out. Covalent Blonde is flat on her back, watching the stars, the dusty old box of snacks she found

Tina’s DFO Erotic Friend Fiction #4 – “The Friendly Skies”

Tonight's Episode: "The Friendly Skies" The hotel room was a mess.  The sheets were on the floor, there were high heels and underwear everywhere, and the mini-bar was empty. It had been a good night. As he stepped out of the shower, he gave Candy a firm slap on the ass and told her

Tina’s DFO Erotic Friend Fiction #3 – “Snow Day”

Tonight's Episode: Snow Day It was early June and summer was in the air.  Everywhere else but here. Moose - The End Is Well Nigh had just come back inside from shoveling snow. But it was still coming down so hard that he'd never be able to get out and make it to the

Tina’s DFO Erotic Friend Fiction #2 – “Baker’s Dozen”

Tonight's episode: BAKER'S DOZEN It was a fresh crisp evening in the Pacific Northwest.  The hipsters were riding their bikes to the food truck farm alongside the river while vaping their legal weed.  Off in the distance,  a distinct roar of a crowd could be heard as a piece of Tall Timber

Hard Ride To Nowhere (Chapter 81)

The scene: The operating center of the National Emergency Response Division. The date is March 29th, 1984. Men...top men, mind you...are looking concerned while they smoke cigarettes. There's a feeling of tension running throughout the entire center. An elevator door slides open and a grim-faced General approaches the smoking men.

Tina’s DFO Erotic Friend Fiction #1 – “Love in a Locker”

Tonight's Episode:  Love in a Locker It was a late spring / early summer day in woody Connecticut.   Schools were letting out and all the kids were happily thinking about their summer plans and emptying out their lockers.  All the old crap was tossed away into the trash receptacles of which

Your “Greatest Day in Motorsports” Open Thread

Today is, arguably, one of the greatest days in the calendar year for 'Murricans.  We are smack dab in the middle of a glorious three-day Memorial Day Weekend (four, if you were smart and took off on Friday) and there is nothing to do all day except for consuming large