25 Questions About…

This I speak of course, about the ole In-n-Out.  If you are reading the header, you are probably thinking, "There goes Balls, going into something sexual again!  I wonder if he's going to talk about ass play again..."  Well, dear reader, you are partially correct.  As you well know, I can

Your “I hope you’ve been good ’cause you’re getting a treat today” Open Thread

Oh kids.  OH KIDS!  We have a special treat for you.  Today is the day that our own Make It Snow live tweets as he plays Oregon Trail.  This is an annual tradition even more hallowed than the Masters with the benefit of no Jim Nantz and no formalized sexism/racism. Also,

Your “Greatest Day in Motorsports” Open Thread

Today is, arguably, one of the greatest days in the calendar year for 'Murricans.  We are smack dab in the middle of a glorious three-day Memorial Day Weekend (four, if you were smart and took off on Friday) and there is nothing to do all day except for consuming large

In Search of a Goddess – Episode 12

We rejoin our three (3? Yeah, 3!) heroes as tWBS and balls are pitching their tents (phrasing) at a campsite in Joshua Tree National Park. It's characterized by rugged rock formations and stark desert landscapes. Named for the region’s twisted, bristled Joshua trees, the park straddles the cactus-dotted Colorado Desert and the

In Search of a Goddess – Episode 11

[4:26PM, Somewhere in the California Desert] The duo climbs back into Dave and tWBS starts the engine.  Without speaking, he then reaches into the backseat, opens the cooler and pulls out a beer.  He offers it to balls. balls (pointing to cupholder):  Nah, I'm good.  I've still got that one. tWBS:  One, that

In Search of a Goddess – Episode 10

[6:24pm, Gilbert, Arizona] The two have now spent hours at the golf course eating, drinking and looking at girls and have predictably lost track of time... balls:  I just want to apologize again about being mean to you about golf.  I never knew... balls:  Are all golf courses like this? tWBS:  Noooo...no no.  It's

In Search of a Goddess – Episode 9

[7:36pm, Tombstone, Arizona] The sun is about to duck below the horizon and the last of the day's glow is soon destined to follow.  As evening transitions into dusk, our heroes are beginning to feel desperate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atuJzivuF1o Nonetheless, the two continue to search for the only store still open and finally find it. balls: 

In Search of a Goddess – Episode 8

[7:32am, Nogales, Arizona] The duo climbs into the Truck Formerly Known as "Dave".  tWBS throws up in his mouth a little as he buckles his seat belt. balls:  You OK? tWBS:  I can do this....I can do this. balls turns the key, but nothing happens. balls:  Oh shit.  What else did they screw up? tWBS:  No,