Your “One Month Until Camps Open” Monday Evening Open Thread

Most training camps open between July 25-27. As such, it's nothing but "here's how we're gonna do this year" quotes coming out of most players & teams. Of note: NFL Notes: Cam Newton is throwing footballs again, having recovered from shoulder surgery. And get this: he wants to win a Super

TGISF… aka Your “Vicious Cycle” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Ahhhh, the first weekend of Summer.  Long days.  Plenty of time for summer activities. So I've decided that peppered in here and there, among other timely themes over the next several weeks/months, will be themes pertaining to summer activities. This week?  Hot Chicks on Bicycles. Why?  BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!!! And also.....because I've recently

Your “Object May Be Closer Than Appears” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Derek Carr got paid. Five years, $125 million. He's now the highest-paid QB. Jaws isn't sure if ESPN will have him back for the 2017 season. He feels there are more layoffs coming, and the network hasn't yet said what his role will be going forward. Mild Crimebeat!

Your “Well, Here’s Proof There Is No God” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

To answer the question from last night: $200. NFL News: For reasons that will become apparent after the sun swallows the earth, Jerry Jones & some Hall of Fame folks met the Pope at The Vatican. At least Robert Kraft is an observant Jew, which made the Jerusalem event yesterday make

Your “Opening Night Beer Night!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL notes: In a statement that strains both human credibility and the "bullshit" test, Roger Goodell says "my friendship with Robert [Kraft] was never strained." He says he still plans to attend the Patriots season opener in September. Learning a new meaning for the term "veteran talent", Jets fans have found

Your “Congratulations On Knocking Up Mom Day” Sunday Evening Open Thread

Greetings and Salutations, my imaginary friends. For those of you whose seed was mighty enough to further the overpopulation of the planet, congrats.  For some of you, just having sex should be lauded...let alone actually having one of your swimmers plant its flag.  So, here's to you...I guess. For some of you,

TGISF…aka “¡Oh Dios mío! Sólo el Béisbol y el Golf?” Sexy Friday Open Thread

So what should our theme be this week?  Wednesday was Flag Day, so I considered doing the USA/Red,White,Blue/Stars n Stripes type thingy.  But that would just shit on Independence Day in a few weeks.  You know, kinda the way "Independence Day: Resurgence" shat on last year's Independence Day. Jeebus that movie

Your “Out For Summer, Out ’til Fall, I Might Not Come Back At All” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: How was Jeremy Maclin cut from the Chiefs? By voicemail. To be fair to Andy Reid, he might've thought he'd called a BBQ joint and was ordering a cut of beef. The Rams traded former 2014 first-round draft pick Greg Robinson to the Lions for a sixth-round pick