Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Food Science: Building the Better Burger.

Howdy friends and neighbors! Welcome back to Sunday Gravy. Let's go ahead and address the obvious first. Yes, Romonobyl did this first. I will be the first to admit that his post absolutely inspired me to buy a meat grinder attachment for my badass Kitchenaid 600 Professional. I think that should be viewed as

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Heute Habin Wir Jagerschnitzel und Spätzle. Ja!

Guten tag DFO! Wie gehts? Alright, I'll go ahead and do this in English instead. German is one of the languages I fuck around with a bit. I had 5 years of German classes between junior high and high school. Mostly because in high school if you took German 3 (DREI!)

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: The Banh Mi. On homemade bread.

Good morning DFO! Welcome welcome. Good to have you back. Today we will be taking an international tour during our food making efforts and I will be bringing you cuisine from one of my very favorite ethnic cultures, Vietnam. I will be getting into my discovery of the Vietnamese culture and it's food

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Salute la bandiera Italiano! Ravioli with Two Sauces.

Good morning folks! Thanks for joining us for another edition of Sunday Gravy. I appreciate your bearing with me over the past two weeks while I was attending family events and the like. Thanks for humoring me while I highlighted a couple of entry level recipes for you. Yes, the egg salad recipe

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Egg Salad! Too Much Sexiness!

Good morning, DFO! Hope everyone is enjoying their festive Memorial Day weekend. That's right Canadian friends, it's our turn for a day off on Monday. If you are celebrating Ramadan, shit, sorry to make you hungry but you can still make today's menu after sundown! To address the obvious, as mentioned in