Hard Ride To Nowhere (Chapter 84)

The scene: Beach Party on the Island of Doktor Zymm! The little DFO stoner session has turned into a full luau, with various ninjas and technicians from the island base hanging out. Covalent Blonde is flat on her back, watching the stars, the dusty old box of snacks she found

Your “Object May Be Closer Than Appears” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Derek Carr got paid. Five years, $125 million. He's now the highest-paid QB. Jaws isn't sure if ESPN will have him back for the 2017 season. He feels there are more layoffs coming, and the network hasn't yet said what his role will be going forward. Mild Crimebeat!

CFL Beat: Week 1

Here we go - Week 1 of the regular season! We have only a month to go until NFL training camps open, so for now, let's turn our attention northwards to see what's happening. Reminder: if you haven't entered the CFL pick'em pool yet and are still interested in participating,

Your “Well, Here’s Proof There Is No God” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

To answer the question from last night: $200. NFL News: For reasons that will become apparent after the sun swallows the earth, Jerry Jones & some Hall of Fame folks met the Pope at The Vatican. At least Robert Kraft is an observant Jew, which made the Jerusalem event yesterday make

Commentist Beer Barrel: Boots on the Ground – San Diego International Beer Festival 2017

Ladies, Gentlemen and Beings of Inconceivable Horror, welcome to yet another guest edition of the Beer Barrel without Make It Snow. I am Low Commander of the Super Soldiers and much like Mattingly's sideburns, you just can't get rid of me. But fear not, for I have an extra special edition

Your “Opening Night Beer Night!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL notes: In a statement that strains both human credibility and the "bullshit" test, Roger Goodell says "my friendship with Robert [Kraft] was never strained." He says he still plans to attend the Patriots season opener in September. Learning a new meaning for the term "veteran talent", Jets fans have found

SCOTUS Slants in Favor of The [REDACTEDS], You Don’t Have To

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the U.S. decided Matal v. Tam.  Simon Tam, lead singer of “The Slants”, applied for trademark protection of the band’s name—his reason: to reclaim the racial slur. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office denied it, under a statute that prohibits registration of a trademark that

Twin Picks – Ep 4: A Whisper Of Smoke

Agent Dale Cooper (to handheld recorder): Diane, I have checked in to my accommodations at 21c Museum Hotel. Situated on the 18th floor, the malfunction of one elevator means either taking the stairs -- at nearly 500 feet above sea level -- or a lengthy wait to get to or from

Tina’s DFO Erotic Friend Fiction #4 – “The Friendly Skies”

Tonight's Episode: "The Friendly Skies" The hotel room was a mess.  The sheets were on the floor, there were high heels and underwear everywhere, and the mini-bar was empty. It had been a good night. As he stepped out of the shower, he gave Candy a firm slap on the ass and told her