25 Questions About…..

this thing. Today, as you know, is April 20.  For the majority of the DFO audience, 4/20 means a celebration of the plant that is now legal to consume for personal recreational use in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Maine, Massachussetts, Nevada, and Oregon. Recreational use will become legal in California on January

Pens-Jacks Quasi-Preview Or Some Such (mostly Ice Stillers)

The Pittsburgh Ice Stillers commence their Stanley Cup title defense against the "third best" team in the Metro Division, Columbus. The Pens recorded their third-best record in franchise history with 111 points, which not only wasn't enough to win the division (piss off, Crapitals), but, has them playing the equally

Canadian Gothic

[INTERIOR of a high-rise condominium kitchen,  Vancouver,  B.C., Canada,  8:03 AM, on a Saturday] A happy-go-lucky Canadian boy is busy making breakfast. He sings a jolly tune with no actual words to it. Joey:  Doobie doobie doo, dippy dappa doo... Suddenly, the phone rings. Joey:  Gee, it's kinda early on a weekend.  I wonder who

Your “It’s 4 Weeks Until the Draft!” Thursday Evening Open Thread

  Start predicting how the Browns will waste all those draft picks. NFL News: In a bid to force Boltman's appearance at his Hall of Fame induction (to kill all in attendance),  LaChargers have appointed LaDainian Tomlinson as a special assistant to the owner. A.J. McCarron isn't going anywhere, according to Marv

25 Questions About….

Well, it can't be the NFL because ain't nothin' happenin' (yes, I understand there was a lot of movement, but others like beerguyrob have handled that masterfully and Horatio's mock draft was brilliant).  So, in the spirit of the season, we talk about what everyone is talking about today:  The